Sunday 11.08.2009 —

I awoke way too early in the morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. The only title I was interested in was Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut for this week.. and no one mentions it.. so it’s going to be high as hell. Bastards. And Warner isn’t even issuing a $10 off coupon until next month.. for this limited & numbered release.. There was no Bleach (the first of the two was the one I accidentally deleted, so I deleted the other and waited for torrents.. oh well), so I eventually watched Grey’s Anatomy (wow, good episode actually.. still one episode behind.. need to get caught up damnit) and four more episodes of Star Wars The Clone Wars: Season 1 (awesome.. again 🙂 ).

I got online for a little while.. a bit earlier than usual.. then eventually went to the bedroom DVR and watched Bones (very good episode). I was going to watch at least three to get caught up, but nope.. only one. 😦 The chair is just so very uncomfortable now. And the liquid I continue to leak from my legs gets sticky.. and heat conducive.. on the floor.. I instead went to the living room, watched some of my dad’s sports.. and fell asleep rather quickly for a few hours methinks. We eventually had some supper. My dad does not know how to spend food stamps. Only like $60 left for the rest of the month already. Plus the landlord bitched about the $50 he still owed him, so he paid it off. 😦

In primetime, we watched American Dad (lol), Family Guy (lol), Family Guy Presents: Seth & Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show (lol, not bad.. I see it has it’s own production number though, as if it may become a full series if popular enough.. ha) and Desperate Housewives (haha, good episode again this week 🙂 ). But my DVR chose not to record Family Guy & Clevelend Show, so two more things to torrent. Damn. Instead, I found the latter half of Not Another Teen Movie on MTV. Wow, MTV sucks so much now. No music-related programming at all anymore, except for a few hours of music videos early in the morning. And now the parent company is shuffling in show from their other networks, like South Park and World’s Strictest Parents. Still so many commercials, not to mention the line changes during the movie. “I give backrubs.” *gasp* Makes no sense now. :p

My dad went to bed, and soon so did I.. I wrote up this whole thing at around 5AM on Monday. How ’bout that? ..See ya..

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[ WHO Continues To Deceive On Swine Flu ]
[ Ukraine – 155 Dead, 48,000 Hospitalized, 969,000 Infected ]
[ Brazil H1N1 Gene Changes May Relate To Ukraine ]
[ Surprise, Surprise – Ft Hood Shooter ‘Linked’ To 9-11 Terrorists ]
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[ Tough Road Ahead For Senate Version Of Health Bill ]
[ Geithner Slaps Down Gordon Brown’s Global Tax ]
[ If Looks Could Kill – The Truth Behind ‘Men Who Stare At Goats’ ]
[ Is Man On Course To Cause Sixth Extinction? ]


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