Saturday 10.31.2009 — Spectacular Spider-Man: Canned or No Canned?

In an interview article with Marvel’s Eric Rollman and Chris Yost, Newsarama claimed that they said that The Spectacular Spider-Man was “over and done with”. After a fan outcry over this comment, Marvel Animation Age contacted Eric Rollman and he abruptly changed his stance back to “no decisions have been made either way” concerning the fate of the series. :/

I awoke too early in the morning to the cat falling off the TV again. We’ve tried really hard to try and get him off there, but no luck. He started going up there even more, probably for the attention he craves. We’re worried he’ll someday fall and take the cable DVR box with him. He’s already gently shoving it aside whenever he’s up there. :/ ..So I got online for a bit, then watched Degrassi TNG (ha, nice episode).. before falling asleep again..

I awoke later on with no idea about what to watch, so I mainly just channel surfed.. and slept more.. But eventually, I watched The Vampire Diaries (wow, good episode) before an all-new Kamen Rider Dragon Knight — “Swan Song” (pretty good episode.. thought this venting had more emotion, unlike others say). I then followed that with The Soup (lol).

I got online for a little bit.. but eventually returned to the living room.. and fell asleep for most of the afternoon. My dad and I then pretty much watched two and a half movies or so in a row on Comedy Central until the night was over.. and I fell asleep again (Scary Movie, Scary Movie 3, Club Dread *yawn*)..

Aaand that was about it? Oh, one trick-or-treater came to the door.. but my dad ignored them since we had no candy anyway.. See ya.

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