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At last, Warner Bros has revealed that Chuck: The Complete Second Season will hit DVD and Blu-ray on January 5th. The 3D version of the post-Super Bowl episode and two pairs of 3D glasses will only be available on the original shipment of these, so I’d try and get yours right away. Not only for that reason, but because this’ll make for a good recap before the third season premiere which has now been confirmed by Warner for a January 2010 start on NBC… Now which version should I get? I have Season 1 on DVD, but could always upgrade it to Blu later.. yet Warner’s lack of menus on Blu is really annoying, especially with TV series.. Hm..

PlayStation Blog recently revealed an additional special feature that will only be on the Blu-ray version of District 9 when it hits stores on December 29th. In a PlayStation first, the Sony-released disc will include the God Of War III E3 2009 playable demo only when played in a PS3. Coool. I keep seeing all these XBOX demos on DVDs (like Madden with Chuck: Season 1 for instance) and getting angry. About time they started doing this for PS3.. I was going to get this movie anyway.. so bonus. 🙂

FOX’s schedule shuffling continues… ‘Til Death will now return on Sunday January 10th at 7PM ET, with back-to-back episodes. And since it seems they have so damn many unaired episodes of this series, FOX will also air four new episodes in a mini-marathon on the evening of Friday December 25th. Hawhaw.. After Dollhouse airs its back-to-back new episodes for the Fridays of December 4th, 11th & 18th.. it be back with new episodes in the new year at its regular time of Friday 9PM ET on January 8th. Still no idea what’s going to air before it however..

After finishing the previous entry, I got the PS3 online and played through another level on Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time. Never do that again. By the end, I kept nodding off, dropping the controller, killing Ratchet, etc. I got it done though.. then made myself awake long enough to watch another episode of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (good episode.. now two to go, yay). And then I finally went to sleep…

In the morning, I awoke and got online for a while.. then returned to sleep.. A few hours later, I awoke and got online for a.. while.. Then I watched two more episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (good stuff.. all caught up now too).. before.. falling asleep again. I awoke a bit later and.. my dad and I watched some morning TV..

And once he was done with his news, I took over and played Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time.. for the entire afternoon. Awesome. I particularly like how there are space areas that are open sandboxes.. of space. There’s little moons to land on and explore, side missions to do for bolts and enemy spaceships to shoot out of the sky. And your spaceship even has a selection of four radio stations to listen to. The music is only instrumental, but there’s some funny commercials and host segments mixed in as well. I’m liking Pirate Radio the most right now. Definitely a huge improvement over the auto-pilot space battles of the previous game. 🙂

I shut it off somewhere around 5:30 and eventually made it online to news-gather. Then we eventually had some supper.. In primetime, we watched Monsters Vs Aliens: Mutant Pumpkins From Outer Space (the Halloween special.. the opening was very funny.. got a bit pukey over the “moral of the story” hidden within the plot though :p), The Middle (lol), Modern Family (lol), Cougar Town (lol.. damnit, keeps reminding me of Scrubs.. a similar joke here, a familiar music bit there) and Eastwick (damn, missed some stuff when I fell asleep last week.. but it was still okay).

And.. see ya..

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