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Power Rangers fansite No Pink Spandex has a look at the official teaser trailer and DVD cover art for Power Rangers SPD actor Matt Austin’s new John Hughes documentary Don’t You Forget About Me. The title will be available on DVD and iTunes in Canada on November 3rd. Unfortunately, there isn’t a US release at this time, but one is said to be coming soon. But if impatient, US folk could always import. It’s the same DVD region after all..

AnimeNation makes mention of (and embeds) a parody advertisement featured in the currently-XBOX-exclusive Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City. It’s a commercial for Princess Robot Bubblegum, a fictional anime series. It’s very funny. Do check it out. 🙂

I slept until maybe about 4:30AM or so. :/ I got online for a bit, then watched two more episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (very good episodes.. three to go now until I’m caught up).. then I think I fell asleep again.. until a more normal waking hour. I got online again, then we watched some morning TV.. pretty much all morning.. *shrug*

Then in the afternoon, while I waited what seemed like forever for the release date delivery of my video game.. I watched Bored To Death (lol, possibly the best episode yet :p), Greek (Thanksgiving! heh.. good episode), two episodes of Rita Rocks (lol) and Mercy (another good episode.. I’m liking this show).

During the last show.. after 4PM.. Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time finally arrived via UPS. Awesome! I installed, then played through the “teaser” and first level before running out of time today. :/ But it was great so far. I really like it. And I already have three new trophies out of it. The bolt collection trophies count the ones you’ve spent.. so that’s good. I really wish I could get back to playing it before tomorrow though. :p

At about 6PM, after some more connections problems with the cable modem (grr), I got online to news-gather. We had some supper out of what was left in our fridge (not much left now..).. In primetime, there was nothing to watch yet again. So I took over and finally watched Contact on Blu-ray. Awesome film IMO, even for my 346346346th viewing. :p But now I’m not so sure about V For Vendetta being my #1 favorite movie over this one. Damn. Heh. My dad fell asleep like halfway through. It didn’t even feel like 2 1/2 hours to me. :p

Returned to my room. Blah. See ya.

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