netflix streaming on ps3 *flips xbox off* / today

It’s official. Netflix streaming will be coming to the PlayStation3 system next month at no additional charge. Yay. I put my account on hold for pretty much a whole year now, waiting for this to be implemented and no longer be exclusive to another system. Looks like I’ll be reactivating my account now, rather than terminating it altogether. Yay, Netflix. 🙂 The press release goes on to say that initially a free Blu-ray Disc will be needed to implement Netflix streaming on your PS3 via BD-Live, and tells Netflix members to visit in order to request one. *does so* Hope it isn’t a tiny screen like other BD-Live streaming. That’s lame..

I awoke in the morning.. got online.. then slept again.. then got online again. I think I might have watched some morning TV as well.. My dad returned home from dialysis more worn than usual and complained about them overrunning him at the dialysis machine again. Ugh. We watched some Ellen, then he eventually went to bed.

I watched Titan Maximum (haha) and two episodes of Crash (caught up.. can’t believe it.. the show’s sorta bland this season IMO) over the course of the afternoon.. in between some regular TV and other things I can’t remember. At 5PM, I got online to news-gather and we eventually had some supper.

In primetime, all of CBS was reruns.. so I watched Heroes (great episode.. I like how they’re going slower with the story this season), Gossip Girl (so weird watching this show live.. maybe the second time ever.. good episode though) and Castle (better than usual, really liked it.. and Firefly fans cannot miss the very start for a reference to the series). And that was pretty much it.

Canno– Whoop. Better shut up. Last time I did that, I got vertigo that screwed up my whole week.. and it still isn’t gone. It started last Monday morning. 😦 ..See ya..

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