Sunday 10.25.2009 —

I fell asleep at maybe midnight or so.. then our cat woke me up at 3:30AM by pouncing too close to me. :/ And then the newspaper’s arrival awoke me again at about 4:30.. I gave up and watched last night’s two episodes of Bleach (*yawn* well, Rukia’s battle was a little interesting, I guess :p), then looked through the newspaper’s ads for no real reason at all (the game’s set for release date delivery from Amazon). I then fell asleep for a lot of the morning as my dad got to watch plenty of his silly news.

Though I did eventually watch last night’s The Troop (haha) and a couple episodes of Ghost Whisperer (I find it was an excuse to watch something on Friday night rather than nothing.. so I got way behind this season since there’s something A LOT more worth watching opposite of it now.. who knows, may drop it altogether). I finally gave up on trying to find something to watch, returned to my room and got online. But then I returned to the living room during my dad’s football game a bit later.. and fell asleep. For many hours. Damnit.

I returned to my bedroom DVR and fit in Gossip Girl (good episode) and the start of 90210.. before I gave up and returned to the living room again. We eventually had some supper, then we soon watched Funniest Videos (haha) and Desperate Housewives (lol, very good episode).. before I returned to my room for the night.

Very uneventful day. *sigh* See ya.

[ Video: Obama Stumbles, Bungles Mandatory Vaccine Issue ]
[ Broxmeyer – The Swine Flu Is Not A ‘Flu’ At All ]
[ Video: Doctors Vs Swine Flu Vaccine ]
[ Swine Flu Now Widespread In 46 States ]
[ Filthy Lucre – Paper Money As A Vector Of Disease ]
[ US Economy ‘Probably Grew’ With Stimulus ]
[ Pentagon Used Major Psychological Operation On US Public ]
[ Brit Soldier Leads 1000s In Anti Afghan War March ]
[ Israeli Historian Explains ‘Invention Of Jewish People’ ]
[ Ever-Present Surveillance Rankles British Public ]
[ UK Bobbies Can’t Say ‘Good Evening’ Anymore ]
[ Avnery – Where Have All The Friendships Gone? ]
[ Sweatshop Conditions In US Cities ]
[ In Dallas, Tickets For Not Speaking English ]
[ Asteroids Should Be Next For Man In Space – Panel ]
[ New ‘SuperEarth’ Planets Point To Alien Life ]
[ The Death Of American Culture – Photos ]


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