cw nov / today

The CW has issued a press release detailing its November sweeps programming. It’s includes spoilers for the month’s new episodes of Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Smallville and more, so beware.. 🙂

I finished the previous entry, then got onto PlayStation Home for a little while before it went offline for upgrades. Then I slept until my dad woke me up.. about.. 90 minutes later. I got back online with the computer to get away from his boring news until he left, then switched the modem back to the PS3. Then I went back to sleep.. but unfortunately not for long. I kept checking to see if PlayStation Home was back online for quite a while, and soon watched FlashForward (ooh, iiinteresting.. for once) and CSI NY (not bad I guess).

I soon checked out the PlayStation Store and was disappointed to see no Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time dynamic theme since the EU store got one this week. 😦 ..Eventually, PlayStation Home finally made it back online. I checked out all the new spaces.. and again probably spent a bit too much on virtual items. Damnit. During this time (a long time), my dad returned from dialysis then napped then woke up then napped again.. I finally shut it off at about 3:30 or so and watched Cougar Town (lol), CSI (wow, very good episode.. S10E03) and a bit of Ellen (ha).

After all that, I finally got online to news-gather. My dad eventually awoke and I opted to order pizza for supper again.. since he’s low on food stamps again and there’s not much food left in the house for the upcoming week.. In primetime, we watched Smallville (very good episode this week.. my dad lost track with that ending though :p), Dollhouse (wow, also pretty good episode 🙂 *Dec 4th promo*.. *deflates*), The Jeff Dunham Show (stand-up comedian with puppets.. doing a skits show.. eh, it’s not that bad.. yet) and The Soup (haha). About it.

See ya.

[ Top Insurer Tells 1,000 GPs NOT To Give Swine Flu Vaccine ]
[ Drugs Regulator Pushing Swine Vaccine Double Dose! ]
[ US Swine Flu Vaccine Shortages Blamed On Drugmaker ]
[ Mandatory Flu Vaccine For NY Health Workers Canceled ]
[ Japan, First Case Of H1N1 Swine Flu In Swine ]
[ Swine Flu Spread Could Increase MRSA Cases ]
[ Recovery Hopes Gone In World’s Longest ‘Recession’ ]
[ America’s Soul Is Lost, Collapse Inevitable ]
[ Alert! Still Time To Kill The Hate Bill ]
[ Man Arrested For Making Coffee Naked In Own Home ]
[ Pesticide Exposure Linked To Suicidal Thoughts ]
[ LIFE Mission To Send Earth Microbes To Mars’ Moon ]


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