nickelodeon acquires tmnt, raping to follow / naruto disney xd date / today

*jaw drops* I’ll.. just let this news article title speak for itself.. then I’ll go cry in a corner somewhere.. Nickelodeon Acquires Rights for “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”; New TV Series and Movie… *sobs*

Disney XD has finally scheduled its US TV premiere of Naruto Shippuden for Wednesday October 28th. The series’ first four episodes will air back-to-back that evening starting at 8:30PM ET. 🙂

I awoke in the morning and got online around the time my dad went to dialysis, but then eventually went back to sleep for another half of the morning. I awoke at about 9AM or so and got onto PlayStation Home for a little while. My dad returned home from dialysis his usual after-dialysis weak self and we saw some Ellen before he went off to bed..

Eventually, I returned to PlayStation Home for a while.. then tried watching The Sarah Jane Adventures: Season 2. I had wanted to watch the first four episodes, but only made it through the first one. I just couldn’t get into the show all of a sudden.. and my multiple-day-lasting dizziness may have something to do with it too? ..I eventually fell asleep for a bit in a chair in my living room, even when our cat chose to sleep on me. :p But not long after my dad awoke, I watched Heroes (good episode).. then we had some supper.. I eventually got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched Hank (haha), The Middle (I think I fell asleep.. in the middle.. of this one.. haha.. otherwise, okay), Modern Family (and fell asleep during this one too.. good otherwise), Cougar Town (missed the whole thing.. asleep.. I’ll have to download this one, damn) and Eastwick (I guess.. I assume my dad went to bed before it started and left it on that channel.. then the duel DVRings I forgot to fix changed it over to Comedy Central by 10:30.. I was still asleep the whole time). I.. didn’t wake up until about midnight.. and returned to my room for the night. :/

See ya.

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  1. maddie duke Says:

    this is alsome

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