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Disney XD has scheduled the premiere of their first Disney XD Original Movie Skyrunners for Friday November 27th at 5PM ET, and it will premiere with limited commercial interruption. It’ll be followed by a sneak peek episode of I’m In The Band at 6:45PM ET, which will join the Disney XD line-up in January 2010. “Featuring creatures designed by Weta Workshop (The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc.), Skyrunners revolves around teen brothers that commandeer a small UFO that crashes near their town and discover an evil alien plot to take over the Earth. Staring Kelly Blatz (Aaron Stone) and newcomer Joey Pollari, Skyrunners is a production of Ranger Productions and Shaftesbury Services II. The movie is directed by Ralph Hemecker (Numb3rs) and written by Richard C. Okie (Quantum Leap, Earth: Final Conflict) along with Adam Wilson & Melanie Wilson. Okie also serves as executive-producer of the movie.” This sounds interesting…

The cover art is now in over at DVDActive for the much-anticipated December 29th DVD & Blu-ray release of District 9. Awesome! Cannot wait to pick up this Blu-ray..

Think that’s a bit of a long wait? How about this! reports that Mars Attacks! is tentatively set for release on Blu-ray on.. September 7th, 2010. Haha. Wow. Just in time for the Halloween season next year, eh? :/

When I awoke in the morning, the sweats were gone but the dizziness remained. I still wanted to try and go out for discs today.. even though I almost fell over a couple times. I was hindered by my dad returning to bed. Damnit. But I started to get ready anyway.. and my got out of bed and began getting ready too. And eventually, I headed out to media buy..

First, I went to WalMart and picked up Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen – WalMart Exclusive Two-Disc Big Screen Edition Blu-ray. All of them were in those plastic security case things and all the slipcovers were mangled inside them. Ugh. So I went to an employee and asked for one without the mangled slipcover and she pulled out out from behind the desk for me. The Papa John’s coupon worked fine, but in the car I noticed the slipcover was still somewhat mangled because I was unable to pick out a perfect copy myself. Damn. 😦 She wouldn’t even let me leave the electronics department without checking out there. :p

Next, I went to Best Buy and was disappointed to find they had no copies of Code Geass R2 Part 2 in stock.. and their in-store computer claimed it’s been delayed to next month or something. But at the same time, the Ghost In The Shell 2.0 and Blood: The Last Vampire Blu’s were already out on the floor in a cart ($19.99 ea) while the computer said they had a release date of November 17th.. and Amazon claims Nov 24th. :p I ended up picking up Iron Man: Armored Adventures Vol 1 Best Buy Exclusive Blu-ray (it’ll probably be in all stores eventually). The DVD got a nice shiny slipcover, while the Blu did not. But the DVD’s in full screen, Blu’s in widescreen. 🙂

After that, I went to the nearby mall and eventually found my way to The Disney Store. I asked for the Power Rangers RPM promotional DVD and she accidentally gave me two off of a small stack at the counter. The plastic over it makes them stick together somewhat.. So I headed back to the car, then got my usual icee (yay) before heading home.. I couldn’t believe I did all that with a rising case of dizziness. It got pretty bad near the end. Ugh.

I got online to inventory the new discs right away, then once I got comfy in the ling room I checked out Disney Store’s Power Rangers RPM demo disc. The episode “In Or Out” is featured like the others are on the Volume DVDs (closing credits over last scene), but the whole thing is on one chapter of the DVD. :p “Ranger Moves” are a collection of short 20-second instructional videos on how to do the Overdrive Rangers’ movements and signals. I don’t recall this being on any of the PROO DVDs, but I could be mistaken. “Ranger Lessons” is the PROO Vol 5 DVD’s “Lessons Learned” featurette. And you already know what the MMPR toyline sneak peek is. I found it a bit odd that at the end of the first three items, there’s text on the screen telling you to look for Power Rangers RPM on DVD.. or comparable format.. is I think what it said. What does that mean? Blu-ray? Is PR still on iTunes? *shrug*

Soon after I finished with that, I then watched Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen – Big Screen Edition. They had to dumb down that edition title for the basic consumer, I see. I bet there’ll still be some “common consumers” complaining about the shifting aspect ratios. Just like with The Dark Knight on Blu-ray, that’s what you get here — the IMAX sequences filling up more of your screen for certain scenes — and only available at WalMart on 2-disc DVD & Blu-ray.. And the picture quality on those scenes were amazing. Wow. The movie itself? A little not as good as the first film, but I still liked it. There’s a few eyeroll-worthy moments of humor near the start of the film that went too far IMO, but otherwise I really enjoyed it. Very good film. 🙂

I asked the WalMart for a copy where the slipcover wasn’t screwed up in that damn plastic security case.. and I got one with everything else wrong with it. The slipcover is still mangled, though not as badly. And there’s an annoying crack in the top of the case. Ugh.. So when the movie ended, it was nearing 6PM already.. so I got online to news-gather. We didn’t have supper for a very long time because my dad was wore out gong all over the place all afternoon. And I was okay with it. I still wasn’t all that hungry anyway.

In primetime, there wasn’t anything on TV yet again. But I eventually got around to watching The Mentalist (alright), Bored To Death (lol, very good show), another Mercy (good show) and Secret Girlfriend (yes, episode 2 again.. lol @ me making big deal about Sandra McCoy being in this show and her role ends up being of a blink-and-you’ll-miss-her variety.. like two short lines and gone :p). After all that, I returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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