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I went to bed earlier than expected.. so I woke up earlier than expected? At about 5AM, I awoke and got online.. with a really bad case of dizziness. Ugh. My dad left for dialysis soon thereafter. I went to bed hungry last night, so I tried getting some breakfast to see if that would help. And then I fell asleep for another few hours. I awoke and felt better.. until I stood up and got online for a bit. Then the dizziness was back again, though not as bad as before..

So I fell back to sleep.. for hours and hours.. My dad returned, watched some morning TV, then went to bed.. all while I mostly slept. And I dreamed. I dreamed of visiting the mall and losing my way. I eventually found myself going down a busy street in a wheelchair.. somehow. I never found my destination before I awoke.. I got online again at about 12:40 noon or so. After a ;little;e while, I watched Transformers on Blu-ray in preparation for tomorrow. Still an awesome film. Loved every minute. I then finished that up rather close to 5PM, so I just got online to news=gather.

I returned to the living room a lot earlier than expected due to the plastic chair screwing up my leg’s circulation. We had some supper (very little, wasn’t very hungry at all), then attempted to watch some evening TV. But then the DVR kept screwing up and I had to get up multiple times to try and fix it. Then I fell asleep during parts of all of tonight’s comedies — How I Met Your Mother, Accidentally On Purpose, Two & A Half Men and Big Bang Theory — before finally staying awake in the middle of that last one and through all of CSI Miami. But when I woke up, I was drenched from head-to-toe in hot sweat. I’d wipe it away but it would come back. My dad went to bed a bit early,possibly only due to my stench. Then I dizzily returned to my room for the night.

So the dizziness began the moment I woke up. By late afternoon, my left leg began to ache.. and it eventually worsened. The dizziness got worse too, get more difficult to get rid of it by stopping all movement. Then I finally did stop all movement for a long time and got the leg pain to go away.. but a hot sweat took over. Over the last week or two, I’ve had random spasms mostly in my legs as well. They’ve woken me up sometimes. I joked about my head exploding on the end of the previous entry.. and now it’s happening.. And of course, this all has to happen now. Damnit. Can’t sit in this chair for long. The leg worsens (likely due to lack of blood circulation). So see ya. I hope…

[ Pandemic H1N1 Spread To US Swine Raises Concerns ]
[ FDA OKs Seasonal Flu Vaccine Fluarix For Children ]
[ Video: Lord Monckton – Obama To Cede US Sovereignty ]
[ The Dirty Thirty Senators & The Silence Of The Media ]
[ Iran Threatens US, Britain After Guard Bombing ]
[ Constitution Oath Keepers Vow To Defy Illegal Orders ]
[ Facebook – Sharing Your Life With The CIA/NSA/FBI ]
[ MAVs – New, US Lethal Flying ‘Insect’ Spies ]
[ Illegal Alien Costume Sells Out Nationwide ]
[ Ebay, Google & Forum Novelties Censor Illegal Alien Costume ]
[ Made In China – Importing America To Its Own Death ]
[ Obama Must Go To Climate Talks To Avoid Disaster ]
[ Coal Environmental Damage Costs US $62 Billion A Year ]


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