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Fans at RangerBoard report that Disney Store is giving away free DVDs that promote the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 toyline. Click here for some screencaps, or click here to check out the trailer on YouTube… Also, the back of the DVD packaging has a small advertisement revealing that the next two volumes of Power Rangers RPM on DVD — Volume 3: Mastering The Machines & Volume 4: Revved-Up Rescue — will be available exclusively at Oh boy. Please don’t be burn-on-demand DVD-Rs.. I can’t get to Disney Store until Tuesday. 😦 I hope I can get a copy (or.. two) for my PR DVD collection..

The case of the disappearing Iron Man: Armored Adventures – Volume 1 Blu-ray Disc has finally been solved. Information about the title on Blu was released, then “canceled”. But now it’s been revealed that the Iron Man: Armored Adventures – Volume 1 Blu-ray will be exclusive to Best Buy (and when the title hits shelves next Tuesday, October 20th. And even better, the Blu version will be going for just $16.99 next week. Coool. πŸ™‚ Plus remember that the DVD is said to be full screen, but the Blu-ray will be widescreen. Both will include the first six episodes of the series. Maybe I’ll pick this one up a bit sooner than expected. Hmm..

Haven’t really done this in a while, but this a pretty big release week so.. Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of October 18th to 24th — Best Buy & Target. There’s some rather interesting exclusives for the October 20th release of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen. Best Buy will have a two-hour “doorbuster” deal on all versions of the title. For the first two hours the store is open, you can save an additional $3 off the Blu-ray or $2 off the DVD. Best Buy has an exclusive bust.. that I don’t really care about. Target will have yet another transforming case — this time for Bumblebee — on both DVD and Blu. the DVD version will be $26.99 and the Blu will be $29.99.. I think I’ll get my copy at WalMart for their exclusive “big screen” IMAX edition of the film on Blu for just $19.96. It will feature the full picture in select scenes and about a minute of additional footage. Their exclusive cover art even matches the basic Blu-ray art for the first movie. Cool. Plus I have a $3 off coupon from Papa John’s. >:) ..And as I just said, I may pick up Iron Man: Armored Adventures Vol 1 on Blu at Best Buy for just $16.99. The basic DVD version will be just $12.99.. I’ll probably also pick up Code Geass R2 Part 2.. if Best Buy minds stocking it..

FOX has now issued a press release detailing their full November sweeps plans, including baseball.. and spoilers for the month’s new episodes of House, Glee, Dollhouse, Bones, Fringe, the Sunday night comedies and more. Beware the spoilers…

I awoke at about 7AM and had to get online and finish the previous entry. And then I got the PS3 online and into PlayStation Home before my dad woke up.. and ended up staying online for quite a while. 23 new images. The new Ratchet & Clank clothes are awesome. I bought everything R&C but the throne.. and the personal space. I’ll have to get those next month. $6.99 for the personal space. Ack. I’d rather get the actually game first, so.. :p

My dad awoke and eventually took off somewhere. Eventually, I left Home and watched South Park (rofl, great episode) and The Spectacular Spider-Man (fell asleep, damnit.. watch again later..), soon followed by Monsters vs Aliens on Blu-ray. Another impulse buy.. that I probably shouldn’t have made. There were jokes throughout that made me laugh for maybe three seconds each time. And otherwise, it was just a rather basic story. I enjoyed it.. just might not have been worth a purchase. I’m always a sucker for any kind of store exclusive. Damnit. 😐

Next, I watched The Mentalist (found it difficult to pay attention.. eh blah), Glee (wow, one of the best episodes so far.. *reconsidering DVD purchase stance* ..damnit..) and Rita Rocks (hahaha). After all that, I returned to my room and got online to news-gather.. then eventually had some supper..

In primetime, we watched Community (haha), Parks And Recreation (lol.. damnit, fell asleep near the end..), The Office (..and a little into this episode 😦 ..but otherwise, lol), 30 Rock (lol, 4th wall.. season 4.. nice.. cheesy hot dog wrapped in pizza.. *drools*), New Adventures of Old Christine (lol) and Gary Unmarried (lol). And that was about it.


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