csi trilogy crossover event / abc fam dramas jan 2010 / today

Just in time for November (?) sweeps comes a CSI trilogy crossover event! CSI‘s Dr. Ray Langston, played by Lawrence Fishburne, will first guest star on the November 9th episode of CSI Miami when someone who went missing in Vegas shows up in Miami. And then on the November 11th episode of CSI NY, Langston continues to investigate the case in New York. And then the storyline will wrap up on the November 12th episode of CSI when Langston returns to Las Vegas. Cooool. 🙂 I wonder if there’ll even be a little prologue scene on the previous week’s CSI.. :p

ABC Family has announced the return of The Secret Life Of The American Teenager and Make It Or Break It.. for January 11th, 2010. Wow. So far a head of time. :p Teenager will return for 11 episodes, while Break It will return for 10 episodes. I do commend ABC Family for their scheduling 10-12 episodes across 10-12 weeks before another break.. rather than breaks throughout. I do not commend them for their ruthless cancellations of Kyle XY and The Middleman however. Bastards. >_>

I awoke at about 5AM or so.. but soon fell back to sleep.. for pretty much all morning. Then Ellen started and I finally chose to go out. So I went and got ready. It’s quite a task to get ready to go out anymore, since I care so little for my appearance otherwise.. the the damn ever-leaking legs surely don’t help. But I eventually got everything ready.. then I had to wait another 20 minutes or so for my dad to get some crap done before we finally headed out. Ugh.

My first and only stop was the grocery store. I bought a bit over the usual price point for my groceries.. but oh well.. I think I’ll still make it for the remaining DVDs this month. There isn’t that many.. and one may be a PS3 game in a couple weeks. Heehee. >_> By the end of my grocery shopping, I felt quite worn out.. so I had to head home right away. I forgot my icee. 😦 I guess there’s always next week.. maybe..

So I returned home and put everything away, and then I didn’t have enough time for the movie I had scheduled.. so instead I just watched Castle (hahaha, better episode than usual.. nice 🙂 ) and Heroes (wow, good episode.. and that ending! O_O). But then I got obsessed over hearing the premiere of a song on the radio that never even happened possibly due to the show in which it was debuting was aired later in the day and altered. Damnit. Waste of time. I eventually got online while listening and news-gathered. I got done with that way early, then returned to the living room.. and fell asleep..

I awoke somewhat close to primetime and we soon watched House (very good episode 🙂 ), Medium (another very good episode..) and Ghost Whisperer (finally starting the season.. I wasn’t much looking forward to it.. but it ended up alright 🙂 ). I soon returned to my room and got online after that.. and that was about it..

See ya.

[ H1N1 Vaccine ‘Safe In Pregnancy’ – Big Pharma Shill ]
[ Dollar Facing ‘Power-Shift’ Say Analysts ]
[ Dollar Loses Reserve Status To Yen, Euro ]
[ Goldman Sachs To Reveal $23 BILLION In Bonuses ]
[ Waco Siege Enforcer To Rule Global Police Force ]
[ Barack Obama’s Top 10 Unfulfilled Pledges ]
[ Second Thoughts On Moore’s ‘Get Off Obama’s Back’ ]
[ Obama’s Communist Antecedents ]
[ White House Accuses Fox News Of War Against Obama ]
[ US Backs Off On Russia Human Rights After Iran Deal ]
[ Fabricating The Pretext For War With Iran ]
[ US Military Speeds Plans For 13 Ton Bunker Bomb ]
[ Lisbon Treaty Gives Jews Greater Power ]
[ North Korea Preparing To Launch More Missiles ]
[ Vegetarian Spider Found In Central America ]
[ Video: Secret Russian Anti-Gravity Technology? ]


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