Saturday 10.10.2009 — a new personal record Power Rangers marathon..?

So I awoke at 3AM and finished up the previous entry. But then my dad woke up at 4AM and took over the living room TV. Damn. 😦 ..But I eventually got it back and watched Secret Girlfriend (it’s impossible for me to have a real girlfriend.. so why not watch this simulation for the third time? >_> ..but really, I wanted my dad to check it out this time), two episodes of Rita Rocks (haha) and CSI (I fell asleep again. then deleted.. and now I feel like redownloading).

I awoke once or twice and tried to watch something.. but I kept falling asleep. I awoke to my dad watching some stand-up on Comedy Central. I was fine with it for the next hour.. then I took over abruptly at 11:30 for the new episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight — episode 127: “Attack Of The No Men”. I don’t really get “no Men” as a name for the government people in this show.. and by the preview, next week’s episode deserves this episode title more. But.. oh well. Very good episode. 🙂

Soon after that, I watched.. eight episodes of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (the three i mostly slept through yesterday and today’s five episodes.. “Trakeena’s Revenge” is just as bad as I remembered it.. what’s up with different voices from Olympius and Bansheera, sounds like they filmed these really early or something before they perfected the characters’ voices.. “There’s no such thing as monsters.” um.. this is Mariner Bay.. right? If so, that old lady sure doesn’t get out much >_> ..five episodes remain), eventually followed by Til Death (lol.. O_o @ the new principal all of a sudden, as if the original couple just disappeared off the face of the Earth), another Rita Rocks (all caught up.. until Tuesday) and Vampire Diaries (wow, really surprised by this episode.. the series is really going now.. yay @ the ending).

We had some supper, then I got online.. for the rest of the evening. I probably should have watched something on the bedroom DVR.. but I just wasted my time deleted old comic books I was never going to read to make room for new ones.. that I probably won’t read for a long time. Oh well..

See ya.

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