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With a feature film now in the early stages of production, World Event Productions and United Talent Agency are also looking to produce a new Voltron animated series for cable.. I hope the movie is a success. As I may have mentioned before, the popularity of the Transformers movie made the Voltron movie more possible. And if the Voltron movie is successful.. perhaps a Power Rangers movie isn’t that far behind? I think Disney may have had that as a possibility in mind when they chose to remaster and re-air Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

A script for a feature film version of the Fox TV series Arrested Development is in the works, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Awesome. Hope they can get EVERYONE back for it. :p

I stayed up late and watched Heroes (very good episode).. and attempted to follow it with Fringe But the volume on the encode was low and my dad decided to wake up and talk.. and of course I fell asleep during it too. So I’ll have to watch again later.. I awoke in the morning and we.. watched some morning TV. But then I soon got ready and we headed out to media buy..

First, I headed to WalMart. None of the three DVDs I was looking for were in any of the ads, so I this store was my last shot at a good deal. I was quite surprised when I found the new Naruto Uncut Season 1 Volume 1 DVD for just $19.98. That’s a great price for the first 25 episodes on six discs. That’s half the retail price and $15 cheaper than Best Buy. The packaging in a double-thick DVD case. Not bad, I suppose. I’m more happy to finally get the series at a fair price. I hope Season 1 Volume 2 late next month features the same price. I laughed upon seeing Shippuden Vol 1.. for the same price.. for four episodes. :p

No Contact, no Get Smart.. I moved on to Border and picked up the Gantz Vol 6 manga, then went to Best Buy and found Contact on Blu.. for $24.99. I added a $5 Reward Zone certificate to get it a bit cheaper. I actually passed on getting Get Smart: Season 4. $19.99, a price I can get anytime? Maybe next month.. We returned home and I briefly got online to inventory the new discs. Then my dad and I watched Let’s Make A Deal (pretty neat) and Ellen.

Soon after that, I watched five more episodes of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (Titanium Ranger, yes! his two-part premiere was especially good.. and perhaps I’m liking it more now than before because I’ve since learned Rhett Fisher is from my state of Indiana :p), eventually followed by Til Death (it doesn’t seem as funny this season so far.. and great, just as I’m starting to like the daughter character.. she’s recast.. for the second time in this series -_-).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, there was again nothing on TV so we watched Desperate Housewives (lol, very good episode), House (wow, great episode this week), Grey’s Anatomy (it was alright..) and Bored To Death (yay, gratuitous boobies.. very good episode, even without them.. but they help..). And it hit 11PM just as my dad was heading to bed.. so he didn’t for a while longer.

See ya.

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