Sunday 10.04.2009 — MMPR original music included?

Rangerboard member Red Dino Ranger has contacted Ron Wasserman, who did the original music for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, concerning the the original music being used in the remastered airing of the series in 2010. And here’s what he had to say: “MMPR. I just heard it was a go. I was told there was a chance they’d want things re-scored a few months back, but never heard back. A friend of mine said they were using all the original music because Saban owns all the rights and there was something in the contract that would have prevented Disney from replacing the music. I’m not absolutely certain about this so I guess we’ll all find out next year.” I hope that’s true, especially the part about Disney not being able to change the music! Haha! :p ..I also e-mailed Disney Home Video once again concerning the future of Power Rangers RPM and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on DVD, so I hope to hear back something positive. ๐Ÿ™‚

So after finishing the previous entry.. I went to sleep.. In the morning, which came rather late, I eventually awoke and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. Cannot believe a single one of the three DVDs I’m looking to get Tuesday are in any of these ads. WalMart however has a bit of an odd look at their exclusive cover art for the October 20th release (pre-order listing) for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen on Blu-ray. A banner proclaims it the “two-disc big screen edition”… just in case the basic consumer doesn’t know what IMAX is, I guess.. >_> Great price listed though– just under $20. Hope that’s in-store on release date..

We had some breakfast, then I took over the TV and watched the first five episodes of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (I’ve watched MMPR to PRiS on German DVD, so I decided to go through the rest on data DVD.. and next up is this.. maybe it’ll help with my RPM withdrawal until December.. probably fit in Time Force by then too.. I thought lowly of this season.. but then the Disney seasons came along and I thought this one wasn’t that bad anymore :p ..good start to the season), followed by two more episodes of Bleach (blah for the most part again..) and the new iCarly (“iCarly Awards”.. just a little less bland than the basic awards show.. the entire episode is awards, very little plot here ๐Ÿ˜ ).

After all that, I returned to my room and got online for a little while.. And then after 4PM, I finally headed to the bedroom DVR and watched Gossip Girl (haha, good episode), 90210 (not bad), and Bones (very good episode). We had supper in there somewhere. Then at 7PM, I moved to the living room and we watched Funniest Videos (haha). That’s about the time both me and my dad fell asleep.

I woke up about halfway through Simpsons, then rewinded and watched all of that.. followed by Cleveland Show (hm, not bad really.. definitely better than last week), Family Guy (lol, especially the Quagmire bits), American Dad (lol, crazy) and The Troop (haha, good episode). My dad awoke during Family Guy, then headed to bed. After these episodes, I returned to my room for the night.

I’d like to restart my Gamefly account.. but I can’t really think of any games I’d like to rent right now, except Batman: Arkham Asylum which is almost always listed as “Low” stock. I tried the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed demo a very long time ago and am now waiting for the re-release with more content to get it.. *shrug*

See ya.

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