Saturday 10.03.2009 — An RPM Double Feature Week 2 / media

I awoke somewhere around 3 or 4AM, then got online and finished up the previous entry. My dad awoke at 5AM, then I went out there to the living room.. and fell asleep for some more hours.. I finally awoke at about 8AM or so and watched iCarly (“iDate A Bad Boy”, another I haven’t seen.. lol, funny) followed by the season premiere of Star Wars: The Clone Wars (awesome episodes.. haha’s @ Seth Green voicing a robot :p ..funny how out of order all these episodes are production-wise, these are Season 1 Episodes 23 & 13 :p). Once it ended, my dad returned from some errands.

I attempted to watch Grey’s Anatomy next. He paid absolutely no attention, then went off on yet another errand. Argh. I got online instead.. And then I watched Kamen Rider Dragon Knight — episode 126: “Kamen Rider Wrath” (so Maya was supposed to look like Lacey And it fooled them? lol.. pretty good episode.. they finally fought in the bookstore!) followed immediately by two new episodes of Power Rangers RPM — episodes 1927: “Control-Alt-Delete” & 1928: “Run Ziggy Run” (these were pretty good episodes as well, Tenaya 15 and her brainwash struggle with Dillon again reminded me of PRiS.. and Dr. K finally called Ziggy by his real name! well almost, hehe.. while the Rangers are busy in the latter episode, Venjix makes a deal-gone-bad with Fresno Bob that ends with Venjix having just what he needs for his “final strike”! what is in that box?! Find out in December!!! lol -_-).

After some time online, I took quite a while to get ready.. then was finally able to go to Target.. for this week’s DVDs..

I managed to make it into Target and bought Superman / Batman: Public Enemies on Blu-ray (their last copy), How I Met Your Mother: Season 4 on DVD (again, last copy.. ew @ Fox continuing the DVD case with cardboard glued to the front for TV DVDs.. LAME).. and Monster Vs Aliens on Blu (total impulse buy.. Target exclusive Blu+DVD Combo.. I was considering it since seeing the trailers, due to how it may be up my alley.. but I’m still considering whether or not to keep). Meanwhile, my dad went to the phone section and got a really nice new prepaid cell phone from Verizon. Only $20, and it has a camera! Jealous..

While waiting for customer service, my legs hurt a bit and the dizziness (vertigo?) returned a little. It still comes and goes.. I moved on to get my icee, then checked out Walgreens as well. In there, I saw the cell phone my dad had just bought for $50. OMG. Now even more jealous. I officially want to buy the phone too, but I still have $30 to use on my old phone. 😦

We finally returned home and I got online for a while. A long while. We eventually had supper, then I eventually watched whatever my dad was watching on the living room TV. Then I fell asleep for a few hours before reawakening in the middle of the night.. and completing this entry..

Bubye now..

[ Swine Flu Vaccine And NY Health Workers ]
[ UK Begins Child Swine Flu Vaccine Experiment ]
[ Next – Virus-Like ‘Particles’ In Vaccinations ]
[ Flu Vaccines Deadly Dangers – Pharma Fantasies That Kill ]
[ US Cops Use Sonic LRAD On G20 Protesters ]
[ KGB Agent – How To Brainwash A Nation ]
[ Video: Blind Spot – The Oil & Energy Crisis – A Must-See Documentary ]
[ Politicians, Celebrities Allowed To Keep Names Off Child Database ]
[ America – A Nation Of Sad, Suicidal, Depressed, Lonely Women ]
[ Wi-Fi Signals Used To See Through Walls ]
[ NASA Moon Crash Will Make 6 Mile Dust Cloud ]



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