Mighty Morphin Power Rangers returns in 2010! / spec spidey v5 dvd art / today

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will be returning to the toy aisles and your TV in 2010! The toy line will arrive in stores by the end of this year, and feature a new version of the Mighty Morphin logo (above, or sidebar @ link). And then in January 2010, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers will return to the airwaves on ABC Kids. I had a feeling those “remastering” rumors were true. Told ya. :p But in possibly unfortunate news, Lisa J claims that one of her sources tells her these remastered episodes will have a new opening sequence.. possibly featuring said new logo? Perhaps that has something to do with talk of Saban still owning some of the music rights? If true, we could be hearing a new theme song, as well as other music replacements.. Oh boy. 😦

Bandai America also announces the “Power Rangers Power Up Video Challenge”, a contest with $11,000 in cash prizes. “Consumers will be challenged to view a Power Rangerscliffhanger video‘ online or at one of more than 2,000 movie theatres in the U.S., and then submit their own unique ending in a mini-movie or story-board at Bandai.com. Selected by both peers and a judging panel, the winning video and story-board entries will receive $10,000 and $1,000 in cash prizes respectively.” And there’s the talk of casting for a contest promo.. What an awesome video, by the way. Wish I could save it. :p

TVShowsOnDVD now has front and back cover art for the November 17th DVD release of The Spectacular Spider-Man: Volume Five, containing the first four episodes of the animated series’ second season. Hmm..

After finishing the previous entry at like 2AM, I got the PS3 online and visited PlayStation Home.. and then fell asleep.. and then Home went offline for upgrade at 3AM.. I awoke, then fell asleep again.. I awoke again at about 9AM or so, then took over the TV since my dad was back in bed.. even though he had been out of bed earlier in the morning. I checked out PlayStation Home briefly (still not online).. again and again for the rest of the day.

Over the course of the day, I watched The Vampire Diaries (hm, still not bad), Castle (haha, good episode), Greek (good episode), Glee (good.. episode.. Kristen Chenoweth was great 🙂 ), Warehouse 13 (still three more after this one to go..) and Leverage (still one more of this one.. don’t understand how this season was fewer episodes than last :/). While this was happening my dad went to a couple grocery and other stores, in between waiting for the mail..

Once he finally sat down long enough, we watched Ellen. It was during that that PlayStation Home finally got back online. Wow, very cool addition so far.. but the new annoyances. are annoying. Things appear to load slower for me now. 😦 lol @ the Ska dance.. The female poses mostly being all sexy are awesome (I have a couple female avatars since I don’t wish to stare at a guy avatar’s ass all the time, okay? :p). I bet the quincies are going to have a fun time with the new “polite” sitting position. It may be “polite” in the software’s mother country of Japan, but here in the US it’s perfect positioning for a virtual BJ. >_> ..C’mon with that screencapping camera already! *shakes fist*

We had some supper, then I shut off the PS3 and got online to news-gather.. OMG @ the news above! ..In primetime, we watched SNL Weekend Update Thursday (haha), Parks & Recreation (aw @ deleted line in the episode’s promo “keep the camera in your pants”.. otherwise, lol), The Office (lol.. wow, next week already? 🙂 ), Community (moving to 8PM next week.. damnit.. lol @ the desk part), New Adventures of Old Christine (lol) and Gary Unmarried (lol). Phew.

And that was about it for the night. See ya.

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