tmnt tf theatrical canceled / transformers 2 imax walmart / ps home 1.3 thurs / today

So the deal for Fathom to release Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles Forever theatrically for one-day-only has fallen through and has been canceled. Apparently the deal wasn’t complete before Fathom started advertising it. Well, that’s just great. -_-

The Blu-ray version of Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen will not include the extended and taller aspect-ratio IMAX footage in the film.. unless you buy it at Wal-Mart. Argh. Michael Bay claims the film is about a minute longer with the IMAX scenes. Previously, IMAX scenes were added to the basic Blu-ray version of The Dark Knight.. This and all other home video versions of the film will hits stores on October 20th..

PlayStation Home will finally be updated to Version 1.3 this coming Thursday, October 1st. The previously-announced new features include universal game launching, in-store 3D item previewing, new actions & emotes, more item types and other improvements. Unfortunately, it sounds like the new feature I’ve been looking forward to most will not be available tomorrow — the camera to take 1st or 3rd person images and save them to the XMB. I can’t take screencaps, so I’ve really been looking forward to showing off my avatar, personal spaces etc with the camera.. but now I must wait even longer.. Great.. The tweaked Central Plaza looks neat though, as does the new Neptune Suite personal space. And I’ll no doubt try out the Shrink Cake.. if the price is right.. >_>

I actually got a few instances of sleep in during the night this time.. and then I ended up waking up after my dad had left for dialysis and not the usual during. Wow.. Eventually, I watched CSI (the rest of the episode since I fell asleep during it last night.. pretty good episode.. *shakes fist @ ending* :p), Fringe (slept through most of this, so I rewatch.. and rewatch.. and rewatch.. yes, I fell asleep again and again here too.. not enough sleep lately, but I eventually got the episode done.. very good one, it was), Heroes (weird new “hero” this episode.. nice 🙂 .. pretty good episode) and FlashForward (interested at the beginning, got all bored with the family drama near the middle, then was all “omgcooool” by that ending :p).

My dad returned home from dialysis near the end of that, complaining about the people at dialysis of course.. We watched some Ellen, I fell asleep.. then he went to bed again due to his usual weak feeling. 😦 ..Once I awoke, I watched last week’s CSI NY.. and that was pretty much it for the whole afternoon. Oh well. I still have two more days to catch up with my episodes. I spent the rest of the time in PlayStation Home (wow @ all the Japanese items I have.. I’m almost to the item limit for a space, had to remove some to add some :/).

Not longer after 5PM, I got online t o news-gather.. and then we had supper consisting of even more TV dinners. Hoo-fucking-ray.. In primetime, we watched Hank (haha), The Middle (lol, very much a clone of Malcolm In The Middle.. the youngest kids even look alike.. but this time, middle as in the country.. yeah, it takes place here in Indiana.. I was a bit surprised by how realistic the home looked.. to an Indiana home.. looking forward to more), Modern Family (lol, especially the bike subplot), Cougar Town (lol, good show) and Eastwick (very interesting.. I’m liking it, it continues to be okay).

After all that, I returned to my room for the night. See ya.

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