krdk titles 27-40 / prisoner premiere date / today

A Rangerboard member has posted what may or may not be the final fourteen episode titles for Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. They include a few titles previously used in Power Rangers, as well as what looks like a clip show for the final episode following a two-part finale. :/ The season is expected to be completely aired on CW4Kids by May 2010..

AMC has finally announced a Sunday November 15th premiere date for its six-episode miniseries The Prisoner, based on the original 1960s cult classic TV series. Two new back-to-back one-hour episodes will air for three consecutive nights at 8PM ET. I’ve been looking forward to this. šŸ™‚

After the previous entry was completed, I was online for a bit.. then soon got onto PlayStation Home. I was pretty much awake all night again. At around 4AM, I had finally fallen asleep.. then the cat jumped on me and woke me up. :/ I stayed on PlayStation Home for a little while longer, even as my dad woke up the next morning. I eventually gave the TV over to him for his news and morning TV.. then I fell asleep once again.. pretty much all morning..

I awoke again around the 11AM hour. My dad took off to get a few things at the grocery store.. and I found something on TV. After a little bit of waiting, I watched X-Men: The Last Stand on Blu-ray. I really tried to give it another chance, but I just ended up disliking every second. And then by the time the even worse second half got started, I fell asleep until the closing credits. Oh well. Stupid scenes at end that undoes the movie’s events and makes the thing a big waste of time.

After that, I eventually watched Desperate Housewives (lol, good episode.. the new teenager is hottt), Mercy (this show ain’t that bad.. hehe, liked the ending :p), Sit Down Shut Up (lol, something else) and Iron Man: Armored Adventures (another very good episode). We then had some supper before I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, we watched House (haha, very good episode), Two & A Half Men (watching again for my dad..), The Big Bang Theory (ditto), The Mentalist (hehe, very good here too) and CSI (we both fell asleep during this one.. damnit.. the opening scene, I was all “omfg”.. then it went a bit downhill after that.. and we fell asleep šŸ˜¦ ). I awoke after midnight, then returned to my room for the night.

See ya.

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[ Polanski Arrest Ignites Fight Between France, US ]
[ NY Farmer Finds Monster Sized Egg ]
[ Argentina – Woman Visited By 14 ‘Extraterrestrials’ ]


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