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While I slept throughout the night, I had a dream about hanging out with a girl.. in her bedroom.. Ah, something that will never ever happen in my lifetime. Ever. It’s quite impossible. *sigh* I recall holding a video camera and I jokingly began recording her as she got undressed. She laughed as she covered herself before the camera lens. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much else. 😦 She seemed familiar though, as if I had possibly seen her in real life or online.. or perhaps I just dreamed of her before.. Anyway, after I finished that previous entry at about 5AM and my dad took off to dialysis, I watched a couple episodes of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (very good series, but I’m a lot behind 😦 ..partially thanks to no one encoding it as AVIs, as far as I know) and The Super Hero Squad Show (it’s Super Hero Babies! *shudders* first and last episode I’ll ever watch.. even though I fell asleep for half of it).

I then pretty much slept all morning until my dad returned from dialysis. We had some late breakfast and watched some Ellen. But when the news started, I got online for a bit instead.. I then returned a little later and watched X2: X-Men United on Blu-ray. Awesome movie, of course. This is definitely the highest point in the X-Men movie franchise. And the background foreshadowing hinted at at least an equally-great sequel. But then Bryan Singer was busy with Superman Returns and Fox refused to wait to get the next film done and raking in the moolah.. and so the atrocity that was X-Men: The Last Stand was born. I’m watching that one tomorrow. Ugh. I wish that they’d get together again and finally make that X-Men 3 that I would’ve been proud of.. but oh well.. 😦

Once the film was over, I got on LittleBigPlanet.. for a very brief amount of time to check out some new free DLC. Hope I get into the Water Beta this week.. Then I checked out PlayStation Home in Japan for a little while (the beach space).. until 6PM.. We had some supper out of some damn TV dinners (ugh, getting so tired of that crap my dad buys.. may have to go to the grocery store soon, even though I’m struggling just to walk through the damn home anymore), then I got online to news-gather.

In primetime, my dad had again went to bed for a nap.. even though he had napped in the afternoon too. So I alone was left to watch How I Met Your Mother (lol.. so I hear they’re finally trying to cast “mother”, about damn time :p), Accidentally On Purpose (it’s on for a second week, amazing..), Two & A Half Men (rofl), The Big Bang Theory (lol, good episode) and CSI Miami (my dad was awake by this point, so he saw this anyway.. very good episode this week.. ha @ the ending :p).

And that was about it. See ya.

[ WHO Admits No Deadly Mutation Of Swine Flu ]
[ Clinton Notes Obama Has Been Accused Of Murder ]
[ Obama’s Hit List – The Globe ]
[ High Stakes – Obama’s Afghanistan Troops Surge ]
[ Israel Urges West To Stand Firm Against Iran ]
[ Iran Is Still NOT The Problem ]
[ ‘New’ FBI (Edited) OKC Bombing Aftermath Videos ]
[ Attorney – OKC Bomb Tapes Look Edited ]
[ Devvy – The Enemies Who Rule America ]
[ The Real Reason The Banks Aren’t Foreclosing? ]
[ Savers Losing Faith In Banks ]
[ Brown Targets Bankers In Attempt To Save Career ]
[ Bank Forces Google To Close Customer’s GMail Acct ]
[ College Kids Trapped In Stairwell, Gassed, Attacked ]
[ Video: Police Assault Couple In Street ]
[ Demand Release Of G-20 Detainees ]
[ Video: David Cole & Ernst Zundel At Auschwitz Part 1, Part 2 & Part 3 ]
[ DNA Tests – New Doubts Over Hitler’s Death ]
[ Yucatan – Huge Sea Level Rise In Just 50 Years ]


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