Sunday 09.27.2009 — Seth MacFarlane now dominates FOX Sunday night

After I finished up the previous entry, I stayed online for quite a while. I had to hurriedly find things to delete as some downloads.. downloaded. A 250GB hard drive.. almost always full, especially tougher now with all the TV shows coming back. Rather than VHS a lot of it, I now torrent-burn to disc-delete.. once I have a reasonable amount of episodes for a disc that is. Hence full. :/ ..I’ve also got into torrenting comic book CBRs. Reading them rarely happens though, so that’s a bit odd. I’m a big fan of Venom, so I just had t o get interested in Anti-Venom once I heard about him..

So anyway.. I stayed online.. and before I knew it, it was nearly 3AM. I tried to sleep, but I couldn’t and soon just gave up.. and got back online for a while longer. Then I soon returned to the living room and looked through the morning ads for Tuesday.. er, Friday. Decided to wait until then on both DVDs and perhaps put this month’s remaining funds to somewhat better use.. And I also watched iCarly (lol.. especially @ magic.. aw @ ending) and two episodes of Bleach (lol @ the comedy. then it mainly got serious again.. and I fell asleep during the latter episode.. and had to watch part of it over once I awoke.. blah).

I got online yet again for a little while, then returned to the living room, retook the TV and watched X-Men on Blu-ray (I wonder what could’ve happened to change Sabretooth so much in the “fifteen years” since Origins.. but they probably just weren’t planning ahead..). I followed that with Medium (new season, yay.. very good episode too 🙂 ) before returning to my room as my dad’s NASCAR race was starting.. even though he was asleep..

I.. got.. online.. I mean, what else is there to do? :p I stayed online just about all afternoon, then I finally went to the bedroom DVR and watched this week’s episodes of Gossip Girl (haha, good episode), 90210 (uh.. hm.. Naveed’s video was cute and funny.. likely spelling that name wrong, but don’t care enough to look it up :p), Bones (another really good episode 🙂 ) and Supernatural (wow, another good episode this week).

Then I soon ordered some pizza online for supper.. and my dad didn’t have any because he preferred to have fish for some reason.. And due to the Colts football game being in primetime, I had to stay in my room all night.. and I watched the premieres of Simpsons (lol), The Cleveland Show (uhh.. *pretty much ignores it after the good Family Guy part is over* ..just didn’t like how the series was set up so quickly and unbelievably in one episode when I torrented the episode a few months ago), Family Guy (rofl, very funny episode.. great one to start with) and American Dad (lol, good episode).

After all that, I quickly went to the living room where my dad was watching the game and sat down. The chair in my room had become so uncomfortable over the course of the many hours I was sitting in it. I guilted my dad a little about how the circulation was cut off to my legs (it seemed like that what was happening) due to his game.. then I fell asleep in the chair.. until about 4AM.. 😐

See ya.

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