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It’s almost time to buy Watchman.. again! lol. Yes, Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut has been announced for a November 3rd release on both 5-disc DVD and 4-disc Blu-ray editions. The new 215-minute “Ultimate Cut” will add the animated “Tales of the Black Freighter” into the film. Both releases will also include two new audio commentaries, over 3 hours of special features, a theatrical version digital copy and The Complete Motion Comics. Yay, it’s all the stuff I bought separately in one big package.. with some new special features! SRP is $43.87 for the DVD and $59.99 for the Blu-ray. I was actually going to buy this again.. but with that high price on the Blu-ray and the cover art being not all that great, I may rethink it. I mean.. just look at that cover art. Ack. Warner has to pay more every time they use the smiley face logo, so they’re being cheap and making this lame cover art. Maybe I’ll be cheap and not buy it then. :p .. *sees the term “Limited Release”* I’m hearing only 70,000 copies of each…. damnit.. -_-

I awoke in the morning as my dad headed off to dialysis again. I tried for a while to get back to sleep, but it just wasn’t working. Eventually, I got online to finish the previous entry.. then I soon played some hours of Saints Row 2. It was nice to play this again.. but I probably shouldn’t have stopped. I was on a roll, going from to mission what felt like rather easily. So now I tried a stronghold a bunch of times and kept ailing.. then tried a mission and kept failing. Well, I did get through one mission.. but the next one was soo tough. Haha’s @ unrealistically have wave after wave of enemies coming at you.. only after completely getting rid of the previous wave. And then having a warning on-screen that another wave is coming. Damn, I eat through sooo much ammo..

So anyway.. my dad arrived home from dialysis and I eventually shut off the game. We watched Ellen, then the mail arrived with a rather nice surprise. Someone had mailed my dad’s wallet back to him. A note claimed they had found it quite a ways from here at an apartment complex. It appears they used some of the cash inside to send it back, but nothing else appeared to be missing. Wow. My dad was quite happy about this. He was nearly crying with joy when I helped him open the box and showed him what was inside. 🙂 My dad took some of the money he now had and got us a somewhat late fast food lunch.

On his way out, there was a note on the door that he didn’t completely read until he had returned home. A miracle had occurred to make us all happy.. and so of course something bad had to happen to ruin it all again, like usual.. It was a note from the landlord. Even though this was the first time my dad hasn’t paid all the rent on time.. in all the NINE YEARS that he’s owned this place.. the landlord had the balls to complain about getting the rest of his money by the end of the week. We don’t get anymore money until next month, a week from Friday. He even offered a couple options that would help pay our rent. What an ass.

I watched four more episodes of Smallville (nice.. but seven episodes left already?! :/), followed by Greek (haha, good episode) and Ruby & The Rockits (aw, the last episode ever..). Then I finally returned to my room and got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched New Adventures of Old Christine (lol), Gary Unmarried (lol.. wonder if that radio station will be featured for a while.. probably not), Modern Family (lol, good show), Cougar Town (lol.. surprisingly, I liked this one better than the latter) and Eastwick (heh, not.. bad.. I guess).

And that– yeah, you know what I’m going to say.. See ya.

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