Sunday 09.20.2009 — “Unsubstantiated claims of invasion…” & “The old ‘X’ designation…”

Before going to bed last night, I got in last night’s iCarly (lol.. subplot was rather silly though :p).. I awoke the next morning and looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. I was going to get Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles – Season 2, but due to lack of funds, there being no steelbook to match my Season 1 steelbook (Best Buy’s ad is false advertising, it’s actually metal packaging like the latest Smallville season), and there not being a new season to recap for.. I’ll probably wait until it’s cheap now. I might even wait and get them both on Blu eventually. *shrug*

I soon watched two episodes of Bleach (*sigh* slipping back into another never-ending “damsel in distress” plotline yet again.. it was so boring last time, and now it’s starting to again..), followed by the first four episodes of Smallville: Season 8 (I’m actually enjoying these a bit more than when I originally saw them on TV, nice.. haha’s @ a deleted scene from episode 2 better explaining an included scene in episode 3.. the deleted scene is Tess giving Clark a tie and she says “it brings out your eyes”.. then in the next episode Clark is wearing the tie and Tess pretty much says “told ya so”.. strange :p).

Not long after that, I gave the TV over to my dad so he could watch his usual sports.. things.. I got online for a few hours, the finally went to the bedroom DVR and watched this week’s episodes of Gossip Girl (pretty good start to the season 🙂 ), 90210 (eh, not bad) and Bones (haha, nice.. very good episode). No Supernatural. The DVR ran out of space. Crap. *torrents it for later* We had supper at its normal time even though my dad had a hard time waiting so long.

My dad went back up to the WalMart and spent the rest of his $20 in gift cards on a little bit more food.. as if he would be able to get a replacement food stamp card really quickly this week. 😦 ..In primetime, I wanted to watch some stuff. But for some reason, before that, I reminded my dad of just how much he lost in his wallet.. which accidentally put him into a new fit of depression. Grocery store cards, AAA card, photos.. *sigh* ..I watched this week’s Fringe (hmm, it was a pretty good start to the season.. wow @ the X-Files reference, making it sound as if both series take place in one universe.. even though a clip of an X-Files episode appeared on a TV in the episode as well :p), The Vampire Diaries (didn’t seem as good as last week somehow.. and all the similarities to Roswell are only making me want to watch it instead :p ..can’t believe it’s been ten years since Roswell started already) and Defying Gravity (ABC stops airing the episodes just as the series starts taking off plotline-wise.. do they want the show to fail? wow, this was some episode, setting up a series plotline that will probably take many seasons to complete.. if the series gets picked up).

My dad went to bed early, during the second show. He needs to get to dialysis by 6AM after all.. So.. that was about it? See ya.

[ Millions May Die Of H1N1 Unless Rich Nations Give Money ]
[ Over 1,300 New Swine Flu Cases In Mexico In 3 Days ]
[ First US H1N1 Vaccines Will Be Nasal Spray – CDC ]
[ End The Fed, Save The Dollar – Ron Paul ]
[ The Fed’s Secret Money & The Zionist Media Cover-Up ]
[ The Fed SECRETLY Gave $500b To Pals & $230b To Citi ]
[ Major Funds Prep For Run On Money Market ]
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[ Testing The First US Micro Nuke ]
[ US Healthcare Ineffective And The Most Expensive ]
[ Derren Brown Leaves Audience Stuck In Seats ]
[ UFO Sightings Over UK More Than Triple This Year ]


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