Saturday 09.19.2009 — hp ultimate details / “Boo!” has a complete rundown on what to expect on the upcoming DVD & Blu-ray “Ultimate Edition” releases of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets. The DVD versions will each contain five discs — one for each cut of the film, one for the original DVD release’s special features, another disc of all-new special features, and of course the digital copy disc. With Blu-ray being able to store more content per disc, the Blu versions will only contain three discs each — this includes both cuts of each film on one disc. Warner Bros has already revealed that Ultimate Editions for all eight films will be released, so don’t worry about an incomplete collection of these. 🙂

I awoke rather early in the morning.. and was subjected to my dad talking and talking and talking. He still has some blank spots in his memory and I tried my best to help. The money in the wallet that was stolen at the hospital was pretty much the only money to his name. 😦 My dad mentioned something about the hospital paying him back for these losses, but who knows when that’ll happen. Someone at the hospital did give him some gift cards though, totaling $30. :/ ..And I already spent a majority of the money I had left for the month on Thursday’s discs, so I’m not very much help.. like usual. 😦

I rewatched Parks & Recreation for my dad (again, didn’t really pay attention), then I watched the last four episodes of The Office: Season 5 (lol, good episodes.. great finale.. webisodes and gag reel were great too).. Not long after that, I soon watched a new episode of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight124: “Dark Temptation”. Another very good episode this week. Yay, a Ventara flashback. And the preview for next week looks awesome too.. And after that a new episode of Power Rangers RPM1924: “Ancient History”. This episode was also very good. Difficult to decide which one was better this week.. but I’ll say RPM. Very close though. 🙂

Then after that, I pretty much got online.. and wasted the whole afternoon away there. We had supper at like 2 or 3PM or something. Nice to have an actual meal for the first time in a week. While he was gone, I mainly just had a bowl of cereal here, a sandwich there, some yakisoba here.. because that was pretty much all I could make. :/ ..I eventually downloaded and rewatched today’s Power Rangers RPM.. on my computer! I rarely watch any show on here because I still have a crappy monitor that flickers the picture a bit. That’s why I usually move everything to the PS3. But today’s episode was great, so I chose to watch it again. :p

I also streamed an episode of South Park, then moved out to the living room while my dad was out picking up a few groceries (yes, with no license). He returned and we watched some TV.. then I fell asleep for a few hours.. until his laughing at SNL woke me up. :p And.. that’s about it..? See ya..

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