desolation day 5

I awoke in the morning and soon watched six more episodes of The Office: Season 5 (lol.. four to go), then got online for a little while. I was gonna try and call my dad at the hospital by this point — since it was the afternoon already — but I was worried I’d interrupt or he’d be gone already.. or something.. *shrug* So I sat down and just fell asleep for a while. *sigh*

It wasn’t until after 3PM, while I was watching Ellen.. and falling asleep, that my dad finally arrived home from the hospital. They couldn’t find any of the possessions that he had taken with him the second time, including his cell phone, his clothes, and his wallet containing a bunch of important cards (including driver’s license and food stamps). Our relatives stayed around for a little while to help him get two of the more important cards.. on their way to being replaced. He still hadn’t activated his new debit card and left it at home, so that was lucky.

Oh but once they left, he returned to his bitchy self. He wouldn’t stop complaining about what a dump our home is, about how the air conditioner is broken or whatever, then wouldn’t quit about the bags and bags of food our relative delivered yesterday that we most likely won’t use and so will have to go out to the trash. And even though the doctor told him to get some bed rest, he started to go through all the food to throw out and cleaning out the air conditioner. Ugh. I at least helped him with the food for a little while, until my damn legs really started to hurt and I had to sit down again.

Shortly before 5PM, I got online to news-gather. Just couldn’t handle his endless complaining anymore.. In primetime, there was again nothing to watch (damn FOX for shoving Dollhouse back a week).. so I watched the three-episode premiere of the new Nickelodeon series The Troop. Like the episode from last Saturday, I liked it. It’s definitely more Men in Black than Middleman. I have no idea whatsoever why Nick thought it would be an awesome idea to air the first episode of the series.. as the third episode of these three, and fourth out of all. :/ Haha’s @ the Ned’s Declassified school exterior being used again.. After that, I rewatched SNL Weekend Update Thursday for my dad.. since he was complaining about the previous show.. but he didn’t really pay much attention. After that was The Soup (lol).

But then my dad went to bed early.. and so I returned to my room as well. See ya.

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