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It looks like Disney finally figured out there was a huge ten-week break coming up where ABC Kids won’t be able to air any new episodes of Power Rangers RPM, and so new episodes will begin doubling up on September 26th rather than one new and one rerun. 🙂 This means two previously unannounced episode titles can be revealed. Episodes 1927: “Control-Alt-Delete” and 1928: “Run Ziggy Run” will now premiere on October 3rd. After that week, the final four episodes of RPM won’t begin until December 19th. Ack. 😦 But I’m hearing there’s a clip show this season and we’re getting a three-part finale.. so I guess that’s them? Oh, here’s those descriptions..

PRRPM Episode 1927 – “Control-Alt-Delete” – Dillon’s search for Tenaya is put on hold when Scott is in trouble. Scott was shot with a key that allows Shifter to control him. The rangers do their best to save their leader when they come face to face with Tenaya 15. She has been reprogrammed with one mission: Serve Venjix.

PRRPM Episode 1928 – “Run Ziggy Run” – It’s time for Ziggy to payback the 5 million he owes Fresno Bob. Tenaya 15 makes a deal with Fresno Bob to give him Ziggy in exchange for a certain case. Instead she double crosses Fresno Bob and Ziggy ends up saving him. The rangers deploy Dr. K’s Rail Saber weapon against the latest attack bot. Fresno Bob and Ziggy are now even.

Warner Bros will release Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince onto 1-disc DVD, 2-disc DVD and 3-disc Blu-ray/DVD combo editions on December 8th. The Blu-ray version will feature Maximum Movie Mode with the cast of the movie. Coool.. According to TheDigitalBits, other features include “a pair of behind-the-scenes documentaries, including one on author J.K. Rowling’s work writing the final book in the series, 2 short featurettes on the cast, deleted scenes and a look at Universal Orlando’s new Harry Potter-themed attraction”..

Also at TheDigitalBits are a few new details on the Ultimate Edition DVDs & Blu-rays of Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone and Harry Potter And The Chamber of Secrets being released on the same day. All will be oversized boxed sets that will include “both theatrical and extended versions of the films, 48-page photo books, new cast introductions, screen-test footage, all-new featurettes, Digital Copy versions and many (if not all) of the extras from the previous versions as well. You’ll also get new In Movie Experiences and Maximum Movie Mode options on the Blu-ray versions featuring director Chris Columbus, complete with PIP video, photos and artwork.” Damnit. I want these. I haven’t yet upgraded my Harry Potter collection to Blu-ray yet, but making them boxed sets so they can include a bunch of non-disc-based trinkets to jack up the price is a turn-off for me (the Blu-rays have an $49.99 SRP, while the DVDs are $39.92 SRP), as are the huge-ass “1” & “2” on the covers. But then again.. extended editions are an even bigger turn-on.. Damnit. 😐

I awoke in the morning.. and watched six more episodes of The Office: Season 5 (only because I initially misread the clock as two hours later than it actually was.. I count the one-hour episodes as two episodes btw, like the one that actually did air in two parts.. I noticed there were quite a lot of deleted scenes for the Super Bowl episode — 26 minutes! — NBC definitely asked them to shoehorn in that movie plotline with guest stars Jack Black, Jessica Alba and Cloris Leachman.. that didn’t fit the show and I didn’t like it at all.. and Jessica Alba was barely in it 😦 ).

After that, I played Ellen.. but barely watched any of it as I got ready for.. what may be happening today. She told me it would be after 12PM.. Once I was done, I watched Crash Course next.. then fell asleep. After that, I got online for a while. Mainly waiting.. for something to happen. But as the clock slowly reached 3PM, I began to get a bit skeptical.. But then she came by. 🙂

My relative told me that he will likely get out of the hospital tomorrow now… and that just about everything he took with him to the hospital is now missing. The first time they took him away, he left his wallet and phone.. because the dialysis lady said he should because they may get lost. But when they took him back after he escaped, he took his wallet and cell phone with him. And now they’re both missing, as well as his clothes. Ugh. I even gave him his cell phone. It had no money on it, so it would keep beeping every 10-20 minutes or so. I thought he would need it in order to remember my cell phone number, a problem he had the last time he went to the hospital. And his wallet definitely contains some pretty important cards, including food stamps. 😦

So after she collected some clothes that he could wear when he leaves there tomorrow, I got ready.. and we.. headed to WalMart.. I think I might have overdid it a little due to my new stress.. or something..

So she waited at the front of the store while I headed to the back and picked up one of three remaining copies of X-Men Origins: Wolverine on WalMart Exclusive 3-Disc Blu-ray (and they weren’t with the other new releases, they were hiding with the other Blu’s), as well as X-Men: Volumes 3 & 4, Bionicle: The Legend Reborn and Batman: 4-Film Favorites. I think I mainly got the last two so as not to waste so much of her time. For a DVD I’m on the fence about getting, I sometimes stand around and think about it for a while. But I could always return one or both of the latter two..? But.. probably won’t happen..

Batman includes all four original movies for just $10, and Bionicle was just $15 and came with WalMart exclusive comic book. On both of them, I wanted to complete my collection. I own the new Batman movies on Blu-ray, but don’t really enjoy the original ones as much.. but I do like them. Just not enough to get an expensive boxed set. This is just like the similar set I have for the original four Superman films, only this 4-movie 2-disc set is out three weeks early.. I also already have the three Bionicle films released on DVD by Disney and really liked them too.

The others are more definite purchases and they further complete my collections too. I recently got X-Men Trilogy on Blu-ray but waited until I got this new movie to watch them together. And I’m doing the same for X-Men: The Animated Series (only one more volume to go).. Man, WalMart is sooo stingy on price-matches. I couldn’t price-match X-Men Origins: Wolverine down a couple bucks because the Fry’s store was too far away. :/ And the register lady had to consult with two other people about price-matching the two X-Men volumes, since the cover in the Target ad wasn’t EXACTLY the same than the one before her. She even questioned if there was a different 1-disc edition of them since the sticker wasn’t pictured in the ad. And whenever I tried to speak up about it with facts, she just ignored me.. But at least they let those through and I saved $8 there..

My relative drove me there and back in virtual silence. I have such a hard time talking to anyone.. except my dad.. and perhaps anyone online.. So I returned home and inventoried the new discs, then thanked her for the ride via e-mail. *shrug* I then news-gathered as well, then she showed up — twice — with a whole bunch of free pantry food for us due to the food stamp card going missing with my dad’s wallet. Really nice of her, but my dad will probably end up passing some of it on. I mean.. full ears of corn, leaves and all? :p

In primetime.. I.. watched SNL Weekend Update (lol @ opening skit), Parks & Recreation (lol), The Office (lol.. pretty good episode), Community (not.. all that great at all.. so far.. I laughed maybe two or three times) and True Blood (Sunday’s finale.. at last.. omg @ the ending.. it’s always the ending :p). Then I.. returned to my room..

I hope they find dad’s things, he returns home and everything goes back to normal. But knowing my life, it probably won’t. It always seems to be one step forward, two steps back.. *sigh* See ya.

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