desolation day 3

Another day, another chance to become even more horribly depressed.. I awoke in the morning and got online for a while. Then I watched some morning TV, followed by six more episodes of The Office: Season 5 (lol). I got online again.. then didn’t know what to do. I eventually gave Melrose Place another chance (and fell asleep AGAIN, wow! lol, I give up.. *deletes both episodes*), then watched Sit Down Shut Up (lol, SUDANIMAL! ..the remaining episodes are now airing late night Saturdays on FOX) and another Leverage (still behind on these, damn.. good episode).

By this point it was already past 5PM, so I got online to news-gather. I remembered this morning’s Ellen and watched some of that, then America’s Got Talent started. I didn’t really pay much attention yet again. Instead, I went out to get the mail (after sunset, but it still wore me the fuck out.. somewhat) and then got online for a while again.

I sent an e-mail to one of few relatives we’re still in contact with asking to.. take me to WalMart for this week’s DVDs.. then regretted it. But I eventually got a reply saying that she would be back down here tomorrow. She said that my dad may get out of the hospital tomorrow and be able to come home.. and that she would drive me to WalMart after the meeting at the hospital. I feel so bad.. as I probably should.. But I was also told that if he stopped going to dialysis again, they may have to put him in a facility.

These two times so far just.. happened. The first time he got sick (probably from someone at dialysis, since it involved vomiting and diarrhea.. I got passed the illness as well) then after it was gone he felt too weak to go. This time, he missed dialysis at first because the car stopped working.. then he got depressed over spending too much to fix it. And then the weak came again. Odd how it came and went. Last Saturday he said he was feeling better and would go to dialysis Monday.. but then the weak feeling returned Sunday night.. He probably should have kept the dialysis people in the loop about these things, but he always comes home saying he doesn’t like them. :/

So I got back to America’s Got Talent just in time for the latter half of the show.. and Shakira’s performance. Nice..I then watched some Leno.. but then fell asleep for hours.. Damnit. Awoke with my gum tasting horrible..

..See ya..

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