defying gravity / desolation day 2

ABC has announced that despite rumors Defying Gravity is not canceled. They just don’t have the space on their schedule to air the remaining five episodes of the show’s first season. Heck of a cliffhanger they left it at, huh? CTV in Canada will continue airing the series however, so expect the remaining episodes to.. show up somewhere soon.. >_>

I awoke on the late side of the 7AM hour when my dad called me from the hospital. He thought that he had been there for three days already.. and that it was Friday. We talked for a few minutes, but he had called his own phone.. so after about five minutes or so, the call ended with some nasty beeps. My dad’s phone account had run out of money already. 😦 I called him on my phone (which I had let go for all of last month, then added some money to it.. and got a $10 bonus.. for coming back I guess :p), but he didn’t want to talk about anything else. I wasn’t sure if I should’ve corrected him about the date, so I.. didn’t. :/ I thought he’d ask for my cell phone number too because he never remembers it.. but he didn’t..

So I ended up playing X-Men Origins: Wolverine all morning, from around 8:30AM to about Noon. But I finally finished the game.. in easy mode. And the new trophies got me past the 100 mark. Yay. I watched a bit of Ellen after that, then struggled to get my shoes on so I could put the game in the mail. The mailman just happened to arrive as I approached the mailbox. So I gave it to him, then headed back inside. Once he was gone, I threw some trash out and checked the mail.

I got online for a little while, then I watched the first six episodes of The Office: Season 5 (lol, but a part of me just couldn’t enjoy them.. especially after what happened next..). Another policeman came knocking at the door at about 3:30PM or so. My dad had left the hospital and was looking for him. Oh crap. But there was nothing I could do, so I finished up Office for the day, then followed that with 90210 (eh, couldn’t really get into it either) and Melrose Place (I fell asleep during it pretty much right away.. a sign? ..but I didn’t get too far into it..).

There was another knock at the door. I thought it might’ve been someone with an update.. or the manager.. But it wasn’t. It was my dad. I couldn’t believe it. He grabbed his wallet and paid the taxi that had brought him home, then I had to keep convincing him for a while that it was actually Tuesday and not Friday. He thought he had been there for three days already, with dialysis in the mornings and afternoons. He kept saying how badly they had treated him, like a prisoner in jail.

I now had a choice to make, and I’m horrible at doing that. I contact someone, tell them that he’s here and they take him away again.. or I could not do that and keep him here so that he could possibly take me media buying tomorrow or something. I knew the right answer was the former, but something inside me just wouldn’t let me do it. I’ve always had problems making choices, from minor ones to major ones like this.. I got online as he watched the news, the usual. I kept thinking if I should or shouldn’t, and hating myself. My dad sensed that I didn’t agree with what he had done though..

But at about 7PM, others forced my hand. The cop from earlier returned and knocked at the door once again. My dad was about to lay down for a nap, because he felt so weak and all. He told me to lie and say that I wasn’t here. I answered the door.. and told him that my dad was here. The cop came in and my dad came out of hiding. As my dad’s voice got high as if he were crying, I tried my best to hold in my own crying.. as I held the cat so he wouldn’t run out the door. The cop called some medics, and they came to take him away once again. Once they were gone, I returned to my room and cried.

The medics had asked him what day it was etc, and at least he had gotten “Tuesday” and “the 15th” right this time. But when asked the month, all he said was that “it feels like July”. They took down his info and then they left with him again.. I tried to get back to work on news-gathering, but my bouts of crying didn’t help. I couldn’t get the thought of him crying out of my head. It kept making me feel worse and worse. And a part of me thought perhaps what I had done was wrong after all. I’m.. not so sure anymore.. I also began feeling bad for squandering what little time he was here.. online. But it was also hard to bear seeing him act not like himself as well.

As 8PM rolled around, I didn’t really feel like watching TV. Or eating, even though my stomach disagreed. And so I sat alone, deep in my thoughts. My thoughts began chipping away at my shell and disintegrating my sanity beyond. As this happened, the bouts of crying continued. I could no longer stop them. Instead, they came on longer and stronger..

But fortunately, I was eventually able to calm down. Then I watched The Assistants (haha, good finale), The Troop (aw, no origin story yet.. definitely supposed to be the first episode though, with the little explanations here and there.. it’s like a kid version of Men in Black or The Middleman.. and I liked it.. wow, three new episodes Friday night), Robot Chicken (lol.. season finale next week.. one episode too early.. odd) and Ruby & The Rockits (a double-episode finale would’ve been nice, but oh well.. “C’mon, get happy.” ..reference :p).

Another rather bad day complete.. and I’ll probably never be the same again.. even though I so wish I could.. See ya.

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