10 things season 2 / secret girlfriend / anime blu-rays / desolation day 1

ABC Family has picked up a 10-episode second season of its comedy series 10 Things I Hate About You, somewhat based on the hit movie of the same name. However, the network did not pick up Ruby & the Rockits..

Check out this press release for Comedy Central’s new series Secret Girlfriend, premiering October 7th at 10:30PM ET (following new episodes of South Park at 10PM ET). Why? There’s a lot of hotties in it, including Power Rangers Wild Force‘s Sandra McCoy in the no-doubt-huge role as.. “Actress” (according to IMDb anyway)… *looks @ that IMDb* lol, Porky’s: The College Years. But she’s credited first, so now I’ve got to see it. 😛

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment will release a couple anime films onto Blu-ray this November 24th. Ghost In The Shell 2.0 will feature many graphical “upgrades” over the original film and Blood: The Last Vampire will include both high definition and standard definition versions of the film.. since the film is pretty short (46mins).. I actually liked Blood better, both out of these two films and the Blood+ anime series. :p

I stayed awake until almost 3 or 4AM again last night. First, I played more X-Men Origins: Wolverine (sending it back soon, need to fit in as much as I can..) and then I fell asleep watching the MTV VMAs 2009. Wow, Kanya West is a douche. Cool performance from Taylor Swift though. 🙂 .. I was awoken at 7AM this morning to my dad getting the morning paper from our doorstep and returning to bed. Another damn day without dialysis.. just because he was “feeling bad” again. Way back on Saturday, he was feeling good again and said he would return to dialysis this week. But then he magically began “feeling bad” the night before, like quite a few other night-before where he stayed home as well. *sigh* -_- I do worry for him.. but what can I do?

I fell back to sleep for a few hours, then we eventually watched some morning TV and Ellen.. After that, I got online for a little while. And then I took over the TV and watched the last four episodes of Fringe: Season 1 (wow, great ending.. though at the same time I’m happy they’re over.. they were reruns, after all.. I look forward to Season 2 🙂 ).

During Fringe, at about 3PM, a woman from dialysis and a nurse came to pick up my dad. Over two weeks of dialysis missed now and my dad was feeling the consequences I suppose. They either offered to take him with them in a car or call an ambulance if he was less willing, so he eventually left with them in the car. They took him to the emergency room and they say he’ll be there for at least a couple days. The dialysis lady was even nice enough to drop off some groceries later on that I was low or out of. And then the manager locked up my dad’s car for me.. Here we go again.. -_-

After Fringe, I played X-Men Origins: Wolverine for a few hours.. until about 7:30PM. I’m up to 95 trophies now. Neat. However, I was going to mail this game away tomorrow during my media buying so that GameFly wouldn’t charge me. My dad never trusted that outgoing mail slot outside, so he usually dropped it off elsewhere. I might not even be able to fit it in the tiny slot that there is for it. :/

So anyway.. after the game was shut off, I got online to news-gather. Then I didn’t really pay all that much attention to America’s Got Talent. The performances I wanted to see ended up all near the end anyway. I then mainly just watched the opening of Jay Leno Show. That set does not suit him, and he looks older. That fake TV screen during the Seinfeld interview was silly too.. I was mainly online all evening, since there were still parts I wanted to see. But eventually, I did watch tonight’s Greek (once the episode got started, I expected the episode title to be a spoof on Mr & Mrs Smith, but “The Half-Naked Gun” is definitely better since it covers both plots :p).. before returned to my room.. again.

Home alone again.. only this time I have a health problem that I should have taken care of a while back.. that makes walking difficult at times. 😐 Well.. see ya.

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