Sunday 09.13.2009 —

I awoke in the morning.. to my dad somewhat freaking out over the TV being stuck on preschool programming. I took care of the problem and switched it over to his news, then I looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday ($22.77 for X-Men Origins: Wolverine.. on Blu!). And then we watched Rodney Carrington: Live At The Majestic (DVRed off of Comedy Central last night.. really can’t believe they get away with toplessness at 1AM ..sweet.. and he was quite funny as well.. afterward, my dad said he wanted a copy of it :p).

I followed that with iCarly (yesterday’s new episode.. better than expected, I liked it.. though I felt like there wasn’t a real conclusion to everything.. damnit, if I had known The Troop was on last night I would’ve DVRed it too.. even though those CGI aliens don’t look very good.. and the premise of “Kids in Black” seems unrealistic), two episodes of Bleach (ugh) and four more episodes of Fringe (four to go.. drama overload with Heroes & Fringe back-to-back, definitely got to watch Office next instead of Smallville).

I thought I was being nice by pausing the pre-football stuff my dad wanted to see so he could see it once the last 30 minutes of Fringe were over.. but no. I thought he would want to see the half-hour of local stuff, then pass over most of the national stuff about other teams, I was wrong.. and since my dad knows not how to work the DVR I had to sit there for nearly two hours or so fast-forwarding through all the commercials and being bored out of my mind. I even fell asleep a time or two.

We had a nice surprise visit from some relatives, then I was free. I took off to my room and got online for a while. I got into Bejeweled 2 Deluxe. The free trial for the software ended a lot earlier than expected and I.. tried to find a way around it. But not much luck there. 😦 ..The game ended and my dad soon went to sleep. A little while later, I got on the living room TV and began playing some more X-Men Origins: Wolverine. My dad awoke pretty soon thereafter and again began his childish moaning about everything around him. *sigh*

I turned it off and watched a Funniest Videos rerun.. then he went out to get some fast food for supper. We were arguing about the order for a while before he left because he kept getting it wrong. And upon arriving home.. he got it wrong.. So as I watched Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian (not as good as the first film, but I still liked it.. the last battle went on a bit too long, but with a subtitle like “Battle for the Smithsonian” I guess I understand) and Defying Gravity (wow, great episode.. so saw that ending coming though), my dad just groaned and attempted to sleep.. in the living room.

My dad finally went off to sleep (in bed), then I soon returned to my room as well… See ya.

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