Saturday 09.12.2009 — Ziggy: “I think it’s morphing time.”

I awoke in the morning and got online right away. But I soon watched three episodes of Fringe: Season 1 (yay, cliffhanger two-parter.. that I had to make cliffhang again since I didn’t have enough time to watch Part 2 :p), then I wrote a little more Truth-Seekers: Prometheus (a sentence here, a paragraph there.. no idea if another episode will ever get done.. but I hope so..). After that, I soon watched an all-new Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (123: “Kamen Rider Siren” ..misleading title, though it might be about Siren or more Ventara backstory.. but not so much.. pretty good episode though, for the bits that I stayed awake for.. damnit.. I’ll have to rewatch later šŸ˜¦ ..Awesome ending btw šŸ™‚ ).

My dad during all this fussed over not know much food stamps he had and the phone number he usually used to find that out not working. So I went online and found out for him instead. Soo computer illiterate.. luckily.. *p0rn evidence in plain sight* ..Anyway he took off to a grocery store and still didn’t get very much, then returned to bed.. I got online for a little while, then it was time for an all-new Power Rangers RPM (1923: “And… Action” ..a Behind The Scenes Special hosted by our favorite Ranger Ziggy! As well as all the other Rangers and Dr K, in-character! PROO‘s special focused more on make-up and the sets, but this one luckily puts focus on the stunts and visual effects.. I really enjoyed it, especially the blooper reel near the end and Ziggy’s line in the topic above — “I think it’s morphing time.” Haha. :p).

Next, I watched two more episodes of Fringe: Season 1 (good episodes, though the REALLY fast plot movement and restructuring to the series in the opening segment of “Bound” was like an awakening slap in the face.. that I really didn’t like at first..).. My dad acted like me and couldn’t wait to go out. And once the episodes were done, we did. My dad got his fried chicken that he so wanted, then I went to three more stores.. looking for Nacho Cheese Bugles. They’re so rare it’s annoying. I can only find them in tiny expensive bags at Speedway. šŸ˜¦ Oh, we also got a few groceries too.. and an icee.. when I got my tiny bag of Bugles.. And I forgot to mention that my dad tapped two cars in two parking lots just during this outing (both were while backing out of a parking space). He used to be a delivery driver.. so that made me worry a little..

We returned home and had some supper, then I got online for a few hours.. I eventually watched Thursday’s Supernatural premiere (pretty good start to the season, hmm..), then returned to the living room to my dad sitting in the dark living room with the TV off.. A bit earlier I think I came in there to find him switching channels in his sleep or something.. He told me that the TV just turned off and he didn’t mind turning it back on I guess. Oh, and there was a knock at the door that he completely ignored.. only because he knew who it was..

That was about it really. Another boring night online mainly.. See ya.

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