dvd ads sep 13-19 / today

Click the corresponding retailers for their ads for the week of September 13th to 19th: Best Buy (Blu-rays only 😦 ) & Target. The main new release this week would be X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I wants the Blu-ray so bad to go along with the X-Men Trilogy Blu-ray (I have plans to watch all four together :p). Target doesn’t appear to have any exclusives for it, but Best Buy has a bust.. or sculpture.. or something. I’d rather have disc-based exclusives though, so I will likely go with WalMart’s exclusive 3-disc Blu-ray version.. that only adds a DVD copy of the movie. :p I’ll probably price-match another store’s price though. Best Buy is offering it for $23.99 and Fry’s has it for just $22.77.. Also out this week is — surprise, surprise — two more volumes of X-Men: The Animated Series for $15.99 each at Target. Might as well get both of these too, as long as I can find copies with the super-cool foil slipcovers like my copies of Vol 1 & 2. They seemed limited last time. 😦 No mention of Bionicle: The Legend Reborn anywhere, so that purchase may not happen..

I stayed up late again.. somewhat. But I was only in PlayStation Home, collecting all the free stuff.. in other servers that aren’t the US.. while falling asleep until being awoken by the thump of my dropped controller. haha. :p ..I awoke at 8:30AM.. to my dad still home. He hadn’t gone to dialysis six times now. Two straight weeks. *sigh* And I would confront him about it if it weren’t for this damn annoying headache. Instead.. I got online for a bit. Very short bit. Then I tried to confront him anyway. Not a good idea. Ow. My headache got worse fast..

A bit later, I was a bit surprised when he actually made breakfast.. since we had enough food for that. Hmm.. We watched some morning TV.. and then as usual, I fell asleep again. I awoke a few hours later and eventually watched four more episodes of Fringe: Season 1 (much smoother run than yesterday.. some very good episodes here, especially “The Arrival” & “In Which We Meet Mr. Jones”.. into Disc 2 and all episodes are still in one title, and it’s Title 6? The heck? :/ At least the label seen in the XMB was more correct this time — “Fringe_Season_1” vs “Fringe Season 1 Disc 2”.. must’ve gotten an early copy of Disc 1 or something). And then I just played some more X-Men Origins: Wolverine (another trophy.. liking the game too, would probably buy it if it were way cheap someday).

And before I knew it, it was after 6PM.. and then nearing 7PM. Ack. My dad didn’t even mind warning me this time. I most likely would have shut it off at 6PM if he had reminded me. Time just flies when playing. :p ..So anyway, I got online to news-gather. And then my dad made some supper, angrily after I had asked him to.. because I was starving.. More eggs..

In primetime, I watched a movie — The International — while my dad tuned out of it way too early, then returned and whined about not understanding the movie. *rolls eyes* I liked it, though I’m glad I didn’t buy it like I had been planning a little while back.. Minutes after it was over, I watched The Soup (haha).. and that was about it..

See ya..?

[ Scientists Warn About Swine Flu Extra Potency ]
[ Students Not Complying With H1N1 Preventive Measures ]
[ Swine Flu Vaccine Should Target Children First ]
[ Squalene Loaded Swine Flu Vaccine ‘Works In One Dose’ ]
[ Docs Refusing Swine Flu Vaccine ‘Put Patients At Risk’ ]
[ NY Times Beats Drum For Untested Swine Flu Vaccine ]
[ 9-11 (Inside Job) Anniversary – US Warned To Be Vigilant ]
[ 9/11 – 50 Unanswered Questions ]
[ The US-Israeli Role In 9-11? ]
[ Held In Psyche Ward For Questioning 9-11 ]
[ Mirror Imaging Shows Masonic Messages In US Symbols ]
[ Fulford – Collapse Of US Starting On 09-30-09 Predicted ]
[ Insiders Dumping Stocks Like There’s No Tomorrow ]
[ Rabid Wolf Bites Six Near Chernobyl Nuke Plant ]
[ Diet Drugs Work By ‘Making Users Eat Healthy’ ]
[ ‘Fat Tax’ To Hit McDonald’s In UK ]
[ Pizza Shop Must Pay For Employee Fat Surgery ]
[ Spacecraft May Use Gravitational Tubes For Travel ]


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