naruto to disney xd / today

In a surprising move, VIZ Media has struck a deal with Disney XD to air English-dubbed Naruto Shippuden episodes this fall– er, next month.. Wow. Cannot wait to see how heavily edited it is. :p .. -_-

After the previous entry was taken care of, I got the PS3 online and checked out PlayStation Home for a bit.. and then played X-Men Origins: Wolverine for a few more hours as well (more trophies.. game’s fun too). I finally shut it off at about 4:30AM and finally chose to go to sleep. But I couldn’t so I got online for a little while, then tried sleeping again. I was probably asleep for somewhere around an hour or less before my dad accidentally woke me up. And then I was so uncomfortable that I couldn’t get back to sleep again. Damnit. So I got back online for a little while yet again. Not much more you can do when your father is watching the same news stories on the morning news over and over. :/

Okay, so I eventually fell asleep.. and the next thing I knew, it was already past 11AM. It wasn’t long before we got ready and headed out to the grocery store. We both got some things.. but.. not all that much. Definitely not enough for a supper.. on my dad’s receipt anyway. He claimed he didn’t know how much he had left in food stamps then barely bought anything.. We returned home and wasted time on another Ellen (might as well remove the auto-DVRing if my dad doesn’t really care to see it everyday like we used to.. he didn’t even know it was a recording and thought the show had changed timeslots).

Next, I watched the first three episodes of Fringe: Season 1 on Blu-ray (sooo behind.. due to that damn sleep I had.. so I only watched three, which may equal four since the pilot is twice as long.. I didn’t like the early episodes very much, but I did like them more here.. though Warner Bros’ lack of main menu was quite lame.. only full-screen menu is the special features, the episodes are selected in a pop-up menu, and you can’t even tell how long each episode is because WB just threw all the episodes onto one very long “title”, ugh). I finished these rather close to my dad’s 6PM news, but I angered him a little by getting onto PlayStation Home for a while (my virtual shoes flash now, awesome) and downloading the TMNT: Turtles In Time Re-Shelled demo (no time to play right now though).

I got online to news-gather.. and we had no supper. It’s been happening quite a bit lately. I don’t know how my dad is living on just sparingly snacking. That’s all he does now. No meals anymore (except for that one time where I suggested one and he acted like I was holding him at gunpoint). He’s the only one who can really cook, so now I must snack around as well. Haven’t really had that hungry feeling in my gut all that much.. until now..

In primetime, my dad mainly ignored the world (except maybe the cat) as I watched The Vampire Diaries (actually not that bad.. I think I liked it..), Glee (last night’s new episode.. some improvements, a few.. deprovements.. their musical performances sound a bit more produced and “fake” now :/ ..but the music was good, especially that last song 🙂 ), Leverage (I fit in another episode, yay.. another good one too), CBS Fall Preview 2009 (hosted by the cast of How I Met Your Mother, so how could I pass that up? :p *fast-forwards through the previews*) and CW Fall Preview 2009 (*fast-forwards through most of it* but I heard mid-season’s Life UneXpected was good, so I checked that one out.. and it does look pretty interesting 🙂 ).

My dad gave up on me giving up the TV before 11PM.. when I was going to give it up.. and went off to bed.. He better go to dialysis tomorrow.. Well. see ya.

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