terminator salvation dvd details / today

Warner Bros continues to heavily promote Blu-ray as “the” new format by having exclusive features only on it. They have just announced Terminator: Salvation for December 1st, and since it was a flop at the box office there is no 2-Disc Special Edition DVD version. The only versions that are going to be released are the near-featureless 1-disc Theatrical Cut DVD (widescreen & full screen on one disc) and a 2-disc Director’s Cut Blu-ray including both cuts of the film and more special features (and of course that digital copy). I can just hear all the complaining already.. I’ve been hearing that this Director’s Cut is not very much longer, but is rated R and features more violence.. and a moment of nudity from Moon Bloodgood (yum).. >_>

I awoke at about 6:30AM and got online right away. It wasn’t until an hour later that I noticed that my dad didn’t go to dialysis once again today. Ugh. He says he’s continuously feeling weak. And his blood pressure thingy shows that he has high blood pressure. After dialysis, his blood pressure usually goes way down and he gets all weak that way. I really don’t want to see him fall into another coma or whatever that was before. But what can I do? I can’t exactly force him out the door.. Just like I do, he wants to die. He wants to give it all up.. *sigh*

After a good amount of non-verbal disapproval about him not going to dialysis (haven’t really talked seriously with him.. like.. ever), my dad noticed he had blood pressure even higher than just 24 hours ago and then returned to bed. 😦 ..And being the emotionless robot that I am, I had some breakfast, watched Robot Chicken (finally.. lol @ the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles bit), then got back online. My dad woke back up and watched some morning TV, and I eventually watched a little with him.. when he managed to stay awake.. He saw the news, then got the mail before seeing a little Days of Our Lives (wow, lots of Passions alums on there now..).

I watched the final five episodes of Heroes: Season 3 on DVD (wow, the.. switching.. was stupid.. but otherwise, I really enjoyed Volume Four and can’t wait for the new season now :p), then followed that up with a little more X-Men Origins: Wolverine (the game.. cool, another trophy.. need to find time to get the PS3 online again very soon). I got online to news-gather, then the cat woke up my dad. I had to coerce him into making a real supper (I can only use the microwave, I suck). He’s barely eaten anything in the last day or two at least. No real meals since he’s too weak to do so. Maybe that’s what could be causing it? Dunno..

And so in primetime, we watched Glee: Pilot Episode – Director’s Cut (the 48min version currently available on DVD at WalMart for $5.. but I got it another way.. thought it was about time I watched this before episode 2 tonight.. I liked it more than last time, yay.. my dad lost interest quickly and took off), eventually followed by America’s Got Talent (FootworKINGz kicked off right off the bat :p ..look forward to the finale next week.. and for it to be over with so the real shows can start again 🙂 ). I was considering Wipeout after this, but I forgot to alter the DVRing time on it and missed the last 12mins or so because Obama had to run over. Ugh. And it was Australians too. Damn. Australian chicks are hot..

So anyway.. The manager asked for the rent the other day as if we weren’t losing our place at all, and my dad gave him the most he could afford. It’s almost as if we weren’t being forced out at all. As if it were just one big lie in order to get me to do something. It surely wouldn’t be the first time he tried to pull something like that.. Our relationship has been more roommates than father-and-son for a long time now. We both just got emotionally disconnected from each other at one point. It sucks. 😦

See ya.

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