spec spidey vol 5 dvd date / today

Well, here answers one question. TheDigitalBits reports that Sony will release The Spectacular Spider-Man: Volume 5 onto DVD on November 17th. Based on their previous volumes, I’d expect the first three or four episodes of the second season on this disc. And after the volumes complete the season, expect a Season 2 DVD for cheaper again. Update: TVShowsOnDVD now reports that this disc will have four episodes. They also provide a look at the cover art. Not bad, except the misprint. :p

After the previous entry, I waited until my dad finally went to bed and I loaded up Saints Row 2. Too bad I fell asleep before I even did anything. My dad staying awake longer to watch more of the telethon didn’t help either. My dad woke me a few hours later and I shut it off. He claimed he was being eaten up by our cat’s fleas, but I thought it was more likely the blood circulation problems (pins & needles) that he was complaining about earlier in the evening.. I awoke the next morning to find that he hadn’t gone to dialysis for the fourth time in a row. What an idiot. It’s been over a week now damnit. -_- I’m worried about him..

I stormed back to my room and got online all morning while my dad watched more of the boring telethon. I mean, what else could I do now? In the latter half of the 11AM hour, My dad eventually fell asleep.. then left for his bed not long after I entered the room. I then watched four more episodes of Heroes: Season 3 (the end of “Villains” and the start of “Fugitives”.. I noticed an improvement right away, not a big one but one nonetheless.. πŸ™‚ ). Then I played some Saints Row 2 (I got through one mission before my dad started bitching about the sound giving him a headache again, so I moved on..) and then checked out PlayStation Home (Japan server.. Coca Cola promotion, haha nice :p).

A little after 6PM, I got online to news-gather and we eventually had some supper. In primetime, we started out by watching nothing. I sat and waited while my dad watched a One Tree Hill repeat until my dad finally gave up and went to bed early.. then.. I got into it for one emotional scene.. but then got back online again. At 9PM, I watched Greek (haha, good episode), The Secret Life of the American Teenager (the second of three airings of the SAME EPISODE in one night, sheesh.. but it was alright I guess) and Defying Gravity (another somewhat good episode, yay.. especially that ending πŸ™‚ ).

My dad woke up near the end of the latter, so I returned to my room.. and that was it.. See ya.

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