Saturday 09.05.2009 — The Spectacular Spider-Man Meets The Gargoyles?

The Spectacular Spider-Man producer and Gargoyles creator Greg Weisman recently wrote a radio play for voice actors to perform at the Gathering of the Gargoyles 2009 convention in Los Angeles, CA — a Spectacular Spider-Man / Gargoyles crossover story called “Religious Studies 101: A Handful of Thorns”. Among the voice actors were sixteen professionals from both series as well as thirteen fans who attended the convention. The whole thing was recorded, but has yet to be released online. However, click here for a full cast list, spoiler-filled synopsis and YouTube clips of the play. Me wants, me wants! *impatient* :p

After the previous entry, I played Saints Row 2 for a couple hours since my dad had gone to bed early. Then I went to sleep.. I awoke in the morning.. at a regular time.. and got online for a bit. Then I watched three more episodes of Heroes: Season 3 (pretty good.. getting better 🙂 ), followed by Kamen Rider Dragon Knight (122: “A Rider’s Resolve” — another awesome episode.. Siren is here, yay! Though I noticed they changed her line from “Let’s go hunting.” to “Let’s go venting.” :/), another episode of Heroes: Season 3 (had to pause my DVD watching to catch KRDK, then watch another :p) and the new Power Rangers RPM (1922: “The Dome Dolls” — better than some thought it would be, but I still enjoyed this week’s two Dragon Knights more.. I see they’re making sure to use all the silly-looking MOTDs that Guzelian tried to avoid.. this week is a straw monster that only makes that annoying straw-sucking sound, lol.. Ziggy (looking at Dr K): “I had a dream.. that we were on a date..” heheh :p).

I got online again once that was over.. Oh, I forgot to mention that my dad went out to refill a couple of his prescriptions that he had been out of for a little while now while I watched all my crap. He also visited the car lot. My dad has known the guy he got his car from for a long time, but we were both still shocked when he paid the month’s car payment for my dad — nearly $200 — after my dad had told him how sick he had been lately. He also offered him to go watch a Colts football game with him. Wow.. Then my dad tried to same thing for the rent.. and the manager went to buy us some groceries. We were about to try and go ourselves, even though my dad felt he might not make it through the store.

And so we waited for him to return. And waited. And waited. And both fell asleep.. briefly. I watched The Assistants (lol, especially @ the girlfight) and Crash Course (in which I fell asleep during..).. But by the time 5PM hit, my dad was tired of waiting.. and I no longer felt like going today. The manager returned to the complex.. but never came to our apartment. So my dad finally took off down to the local WalMart grocery store since there still wasn’t enough for supper today and I got back online for a while. My dad didn’t return until a bit over an hour later, and really worn out. Once we got the groceries away, he sat down to relax a little before supper. If only I could cook more than out of the microwave.. or drive a car.. at 26 years old..

So like any Saturday night.. I just stayed online all damn night and bored again. 😦 The manager didn’t come with those groceries until after 9PM and there wasn’t much to it (milk, ice cream, bread). Nice gesture nonetheless, I guess.. Guess that’s about it.

See ya.

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