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Click the corresponding retailer for their ad for the week of September 6th to 12th: Best Buy & Target.. I really wanted to start my Fringe collection on Blu-ray.. but they continue to keep the prices high for whatever reason. The DVD version of Fringe: Season 1 is $35.99 at Best Buy and $37.99 at Target. And Target has a DVD-only bonus disc. Damnit. Best Buy’s DVD & Blu-ray versions of Fringe come with a mini comic book. Best Buy’s Blu-ray is $49.99 and Target’s is $52.99. :/ ..At least The Office: Season 5 on DVD is a bit cheaper — $31.99 at Best Buy and $32.99 at Target, but they both have their usual deluxe versions for a higher price. Best Buy with their box set and Target with another bonus disc.. Wayans Bros’ comedic parody flop Dance Flick will arrive only on Blu-ray this week (a DVD version will arrive weeks later). I was considering it.. but $25.99? Pass.. until it’s cheaper anyway.. >_> And no ad mentions Power Rangers RPM, Volume 2 – Race To Corinth. Target will probably have it for $14.99 again though.. I could always buy Fringe on DVD now, then switch the bonus disc to the Blu-ray version when it gets really cheap. Hmm..

I awoke at about 4:30AM and finished up the previous entry. It’s the second night in the row where I just sat down in the living room to watch some late night TV.. and fall asleep for hours. :/ ..So my dad was already awake by 6AM. I put $20 on his phone over the internet for him since he barely knows anything about the internet. I searched and found some Power Rangers comics (CBRs) that I don’t have yet. Yay. My dad called AAA again and they both took off with the car in tow. I hope it all works out.. But of course it all went to pure hell.

I watched an episode of Iron Man: Armored Adventures (really need to catch up with this show.. and that’s a problem when the only people I know of encoding it are doing it in MKV which the PS3 still can’t play.. good episode though, I’d almost stop and wait for a full season DVD though.. they’re doing volumes first, damnit). I watched the latter half of it multiple times as I struggled to stay awake.. I finished it then fell asleep for a few hours.

I had a dream where our cat got loose in this big room or something with a bunch of other pets. I got angry over my dad not looking for him and said “shit” among his female company. She said something about my speech and I apologized.. then just stood there and stopped talking. She eventually scoffed.. I awoke to the cat practically jumping into my lap. :p I got online for a bit, then visited PlayStation Home.. and wasted $5 on another apartment. Post-Apocalyptic Shelter is awesome though.. except for the lack of platforms to sit stuff on the roof and other places you’re not supposed to. Damn.

I then eventually watched the last six episodes of iCarly: Season 2 Volume 1 (nice.. iChristmas was especially cheesy :p). My dad returned not far into the second episode though.. and he was not happy at all. He was told by the AAA guy that the mechanic he had chosen to take his car to was the highest place in town, but he went ahead anyway. The guys there replaced the starter and the wires leading to it.. and possibly something else.. for about $370 or so. Ugh. He got so screwed. Even I had a feeling that that wasn’t the right place to go. Guess I should voiced that opinion.

And then came the news in the mail that my dad’s bank account had overdrafted twice again late last month. This made my dad quite sad and angry. My dad visited the bank and only came with a phone number, which he called. And they gave him another number. Yup, the runaround. Ugh. My this point, he was getting quite crazy. He confused his Virgin Mobile phone balance with his bank balance. Multiple times. And I had to explain it to him multiple times.

I eventually got him to visit the bank again. I went with him.. and waited in the car. He said to be explained the phone balance / bank balance thing once again while he was inside. But he got the overdraft straightened out. The same people (“greatfn”, google it) had charged him again even though he had changed his debit card number since the last time they did it. And now he’s getting yet another new one. *phew* My dad then took me.. to Target.. where I reactivated my phone… and bought the last copy of Heroes: Season 3 on DVD with bonus disc. I even price-matched. Had to do it at Customer Service though. :p

My dad kept having problems knowing where places where on our way back. Places we had been many times before. I got the usual money out of my account for the cable bill.. and he didn’t say a word as I didn’t ask for change. An extra $15. I’m such a totally awesome person. -_- I then went to Taco Bell and got some supper.. for myself. He said he.. didn’t want any.. Neither of us felt like going to the grocery store right now, even though we’re still pretty much out of food at home.. And then we finally returned home. I had my supper and got online to news-gather.

In primetime.. we didn’t watch anything. Totally didn’t know there was another damn football that my dad had to see. No problem though. There was nothing new to watch on TV anyway. I just thought we’d watch a movie or something.. My dad also seemed to be crashing pretty bad. He could barely talk to me just now. Due to all this bullshit that’s been happening, he decided not to go to dialysis all week. He probably thinks it’s something else entirely since he doesn’t want to go to dialysis tomorrow either.. And now he’s having a hard time using the remote control, changing to channels he’d never watch and playing my DVRings.. *sigh*

I’m just so conflicted. I really want to help my dad.. but I also want to keep my shell of media intact as well. And this is the heaviest month of the year for TV on DVD.. though this one is a bit less heavy than ones in the past.. While I’m trying to protect what’s left of my sanity, my dad’s trying to keep a roof over our heads. He’s thinking about what bill he should not pay this month. And he’s actually thinking about letting the car go after spending almost $400 on it today (he still has a few payments left, don’t know why he didn’t go to the rent-to-own guy he got it from about the problem). My wellbeing.. or my sanity.. It’s just such a hard choice to make. -_-

See ya.

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