no new pr rpm in uk / ratchet & clank acit date / gunslinger girl in home / today

Oops. I guess with how the word got out there about the UK airing new episodes of Power Rangers RPM before the US.. it alerted Disney and they restarted the weekday run on Disney XD UK back to the beginning instead. So no three new episodes by week’s end anymore. 😦 Oh well..

Sony has officially revealed that Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack In Time will be released on October 27th, and have also revealed the official cover art. Nice. I hear that travel in the game’s universe will be more open this time around, sorta like a sandbox game. :p ..I see that new PS3 logo is officially ‘the’ logo now, replacing the old one on this cover art.. I may actually pre-order this one shortly before release.. only partly due to the pre-order bonuses. I’d like to have the Ratchet costume for PlayStation Home, but the nearest GameCrazy closed a few years back. I think I’d enjoy the Insomniac Moon from GameStop more anyway.. and they’re right down the street here. 🙂

FUNimation will be bringing the first episode of their anime series Gunslinger Girl: Il Teatrino for free viewing in PlayStation Home‘s Theater starting tomorrow, September 3rd, until September 10th. The episode will also be able for free download on the PlayStation Store until September 17th. Coool. I enjoyed the first season of this one on IFC..

I awoke in the morning and had to finish up the previous entry. Oops.. I then pretty much stayed online all morning because my dad was watching the usual morning TV and he was still moping about our current predicament.. But I eventually went in there at about Noon and found him asleep. I eventually took advantage of this and watched the first six episodes of iCarly: Season 2 Volume 1 (or the first disc, counting the “movie” as a three-parter since the runtime is about right.. I enjoyed these, especially the movie that I hadn’t seen before.. thanks again! 🙂 ).

And then I followed that up with some more Saints Row 2 (just some minor rampaging in between some activities.. the EMT diversion was cool :p). I didn’t stay on the game as long as usual because I had some new problems getting the cable modem working and connected to the PS3. But when I returned to my room, it was just fine. Hmm.. I got online to news-gather, then eventually had some supper.

In primetime, we watched Wipeout (heh), America’s Got Talent (ha @ that ending :p) and True Blood (finally.. very good episode.. omg @ that ending.. like.. every other week :p). And then that was about it.. Oh, and my dad has big plans tomorrow to get some money on his phone and get the car to a mechanic. Hope it doesn’t cost too much.

Meanwhile, my other leg has begun leaking during the last week or so as well. The rough skin or whatever it was just came off and it was wet underneath. And.. it just kept coming off. My dad noticed the new wave of odor from it and won’t shut up about it. I’m afraid to worry him.. I guess.. so I have yet to tell him. The left leg isn’t as bloated as the right was, but the right does still leak.. just not as much as it used to. I can’t stand for too long without the muscles beginning to pain.. *sigh* I’m only a useless burden.

See ya.

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