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The Spectacular Spider-Man producer Greg Weisman has revealed that Sony’s television and animation rights to Spider-Man were returned to Marvel in exchange for something concerning the movie rights. And he found this out just days before it was revealed that Disney is buying Marvel. So Disney & Marvel now own the rights to Spectacular Spider-Man..? Or does Sony still own it? What will this mean to the future of the series and its life on home video..? No one seems to know just yet. :/

Fifteen boxed sets of Naruto: Uncut have been released so far, with about 13 episodes or so each (Box Set 16 is set for later this month). Well, to the people who have been buying them, prepare to get screwed. Naruto Uncut, Season 1 Volume 1 will be released onto US DVD on October 6th, containing the first 25 episodes of the series on six discs for an SRP ten bucks less than what the boxed sets are going for. Haha. I’m so glad I didn’t buy them yet. There were too few episodes for too high of a price in the box sets. But now I’m definitely in. Thanks for wising up, Viz! Naruto Uncut: Season 1 Volume 2 will follow with episodes 26-52 on November 24th. 🙂

After the previous entry, I got the PS3 online and updated to firmware 3.00. Yay.. except it partly sucks. The new friends list looks stupid, you can no longer turn off the ticker (while online), and there’s now too many PS Store icons. I got on PlayStation Home for a little while, passed on the first animated dynamic theme (for now, since it’s $2.99 and I’m broke) and got the free one in Japan *text disappears* lovely), then got the the PC back online to see the 789456433 official PS3 Update forum threads bashing 3.00. Hah.. Then I eventually went to sleep by like 4AM or something.

I awoke slightly late in the morning and saw that my dad had gone to the grocery store for a few things then went to sleep. That opened me up to watching the final two episodes of Dollhouse: Season 1 — “Epitaph One” and the unaired pilot “Echo”. The former was awesome. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the future that’s being glimpsed here. In a post-apocalyptic future just ten years from now, the imprinting technology runs rampant. A group of survivors are searching for Safe Haven and come across the remnants of the Dollhouse.. and Echo.. With that ending, it felt a little like a pilot in itself. :p I’m now happy FOX interfered after seeing this pilot. I think it did give too much away too fast and didn’t do it very well either. Yet I also don’t like what we ended up with early on in the season either. If only it had been something in between these two options..

Next, I watched The Secret Life of the American Teenager (haha @ hooker yard sale.. pretty good episode), Greek (it’s back, yay.. this one was alright.. the ending surprised me) and Robot Chicken (lol, though I felt the Dark Cristal bit ran a bit too long.. that GI Joe skit was especially funny).. while my dad sat weeping.. but let me rewind a bit..

The mail arrived with the check for my dad. He got it ready to take to the bank. But he couldn’t. The car wouldn’t start. He calls AAA, they come out and are unable to jump the car. Hence the sadness. Just fucking great. While my dad is outside acting like he’s in need of car help from neighbors that will only ignore him, I opened my.. candy drawer.. and found that what was probably a rat had opened up the side of my bag of peanut butter M&Ms and helped himself. In a closed drawer. I was actually more curious and entertained than angry.. at first. How the heck did he get in there? The drawers are pretty tiny. Just two small drawers. I could only think that he climbed up from the inside. Crazy.

My dad is really sad by now, worrying about how expensive it’ll be to fix and how that may worsen the whole “we may get kicked out on the street this month” thing. *sigh* I’ve shut myself off from my emotions (unless I’m watching a tearjerkworthy movie or TV show), so I was being an asshole and kept wanting him to shut up so that I wouldn’t get dragged down into the sadness with him. He took a visit to the grocery store this morning, as I said, but he got very little. And now we’re both stuck here at home. He only has a few bucks on his Virgin Mobile phone. I have plenty but I let it lapse ($20 to the account every 90 days) and it can’t make any calls right now. He can’t put his check in the bank and I’m still broke.

Good things never happen to us, can’t you see? All we get is endless bullshit. My dad continuously groans about wanting to be dead in front of me and I keep thinking that I wish I were dead as well. Nothing ever seems to get better. Ever.. After some thought, I got my PS3 online and soon played some more Saints Row 2. I played through a couple missions, then started Crowd Control (fun 🙂 ). I noticed that the game kept freezing for short moments. Maybe 5 or so times while I was playing it. Never saw that.. until I updated to 3.00 last night. Ugh..

My dad made some supper out of some food he got this morning, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched 10 Things I Hate About You (haha, good episode), Ruby & The Rockits (haha) and two more hours of America’s Got Talent (*yawn*). My kept emo’ing over the car all night. I remembered that the “Check Engine Soon” light would come on quite a bit. I noticed and mentioned it to him a couple times over the months, but my dad just completely ignored it because “it shuts off eventually”. *rolls eyes* He turns the key and there’s no grinding sound or anything. Oooh boy..

If I don’t get Heroes: Season 3 on DVD by Saturday due to this, I’ll have to wait until it goes on sale months from now.. and definitely without the bonus disc that I must have. Damnit to hell… See ya.

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