pr rpm vol 2 dvd review / disney buys marvel / gow collection ps3 / today

Linear Ranger has got an advanced copy of the September 8th DVD release of Power Rangers RPM, Volume 2: Race For Corinth and has already done a review of the title. All five episodes here will include the end credits during the episode (as aired on ABC Kids), unlike Volume 1 which only had one episode do that. 😦 I’ll definitely still pick it up though. Just a bit disappointed about that..

After DVD sales of X-Men: The Animated Series burst WAY past their expectations (Vol 1 by 170% and Vol 2 by 150% lol), Disney is now set to acquire Marvel Entertainment for $4 Billion. I think SnoopsWarner of RangerBoard describes this news best… “Wow! This is bound to bring nothing but goodness to all involved! Disney have been quite successful with buyouts in the past, such as the Saban/Fox buyout, which essentially ruined every single franchise and property involved. Apart from Haim Saban, who made out like a bandit.” lol. So true.. But could there possibly be a silver lining? “John Lasseter met with Marvel last week about a possible team-up between Marvel and Pixar and got ‘pretty excited, pretty fast.’ They say there’s definitely an opportunity there.” Interesting..

By popular demand, the God of War franchise will be revisited on PlayStation3 this holiday season. The God of War Collection will include “reworked versions” of both PS2 titles God of War and God of War II on a single Blu-ray Disc for just a $39.99 SRP. Cool… Think I should get it? :p

I finished up the previous entry, then played Saints Row 2 until 5AM. What was the use sleeping at night when my dad has decided to stay home from dialysis the next morning and watch all his usual morning TV. So I played the game all night, then went to sleep in the morning.. I awoke some hours later (almost 11AM), got online.. then slept a little more..

At about 1PM, I watched three more episodes of Dollhouse: Season 1 (aired Season 1 complete already.. I do have a new appreciation for this show now that I’ve see n the latter episodes closer together.. wish they hadn’t canned Sarah Connor, but that may change when I see Summer Glau next season :p).. then played some more Saints Row 2 (final two Ronin missions completed.. only the Brotherhood remains on the map >:) ..odd how the game is making it simpler for me to complete a mission upon one or more retries though).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather. In primetime, I had a couple ABC Family shows to watch.. but I gave the TV over to my dad for the night and I pretty much stayed in my room all night online. He watched his local baseball game and that 3-hour country concert special on ABC. And that was about it..? See ya.

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