Sunday 08.30.2009 — Defying Gravity.. again and again..

I awoke in the morning.. again.. and soon looked through the newspaper’s ads (damn, Heroes is about the same everywhere). Then I watched two episodes of Bleach (hm, not bad.. again..).. before falling back asleep for a few hours. I awoke again and we soon watched Bill Engvall Show (hahaha), followed by three more episodes of Dollhouse: Season 1 (getting really good now, yay.. already only five episodes left, including the unaired finale and pilot 😦 ), Defying Gravity (tonight’s episode, but aired in Canada on Friday.. now it really is “Grey’s Anatomy in Space” — which is what the series was pitched as — for this episode anyway.. surgery IN SPACE* the blood splatters floating in air was a cool effect, the baby rabbit.. not so much.. haha “penis with teeth”.. really starting to like this show) and Dark Blue (episode 4 finally.. I should catch up already.. or just drop the series completely..).

My dad went back to bed for a while, then watched some of the latter TV, then went outside. I decided not to start another TV show due to this and I instead played Saints Row 2.. for what seemed like a lot shorter time than it actually was. Before I knew it, my dad was awake and making some supper and the clock was nearing 7PM. Ack. So I gave up on the tricky mission I was on (played 3-4 Ronin missions, then got stuck for now) and shut off the PS3.

We had some supper and watched some Funniest Videos. My dad complained about still not feeling very good, so I let him watch something he liked more than I did while I got online for a little while. I returned.. and my dad kept mentioning how he was going to bed early or whatever. So I waited to take control of the TV again.. but he never did go to bed early. Grrr. So we watched Shark Tank (slightly interesting.. I guess) and Defying Gravity (yes, the same one I watched today…). Just before the news, he said he was going to bed.. but then he stayed up anyway and watched the news. Argh. :/

I gave up. ~Fin~ See ya.

[ Forced Vaccines, Quarantine Camps, Health Interrogations, Decontaminations ]
[ WHO – No Signs A-H1N1 Is Now ‘More Virulent’ ]
[ US Economy Worse Than Thought ]
[ Whistleblower Reveals Plan For Biggest Bank Cull Ever ]
[ Poll – 57% Would Replace Entire Congress ]
[ The Iraqi Shoe Thrower Released From Prison ]
[ Chomsky In Venezuela – ‘Better World Being Created’ ]
[ Video: The Myth Of The Illuminati ]
[ Was Bubonic Plague The Knight’s Templar’s Revenge? ]
[ Makow – Liberal Jews, Sex & The New Satanic Order ]
[ Inglorious Basterds’ Hyped – True Jew Revenge Hidden ]
[ Strange Hexagonal Crystals Part Of Morgellons Syndrome? ]
[ Energy Saving Light Bulbs Offer Dim Future ]
[ ManMade Volcanoes May Cool Earth ]
[ Scientists Design Spacecraft To Save Earth ]
[ Google Plans World’s Biggest Online Library ]


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