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The Erin Cahill film Fast Track: No Limits will finally be released onto US DVD on October 6th. It’s actually a pretty good movie (for a Fast & Furious clone.. that feels a little like a TV pilot episode).. plus our former Time Force Pink Ranger has a sex scene in it. You see.. her back.. >:)

Here’s surely not that much of a surprise. :p Not long after Nickelodeon star Victoria Justice shows up in the latest iCarly movie, the series’ executive producer Dan Schneider is already hard at work making a new Nickelodeon comedy series just for her. Victorious will star Victoria Justice as a “new girl at a high school for performing arts”. The series will make its TV debut in early 2010…

Sony has unveiled their new slogan and marketing campaign for the new $299 120GB PlayStation3 Slim on the PS Blog. “It Only Does Everything”. That’s pretty much true. Make sure and check out those two hilarious promos at the link. 🙂

I awoke way too early in the morning once again. Every time I do, my dad’s already awake.. I got online for a little while, then went to the living room.. and fell asleep for a couple more hours.. My dad watched his usual boring morning TV and some news. But then I was finally allowed to take over and I got onto PlayStation Home for a bit. First, I.. tried buying the glowsticks.. for $1.99! ..But luckily, I didn’t have enough money in my PSN wallet. Because I saw them a little later.. and they were so tiny.. Especially in comparison to the free glowing leek that Home Japan got today (upon completing a brief survey in Music Cafe). Longer glowsticks in US please. I’d like to direct a plane to land in Central Plaza with my Running Man.

There’s also a full episode of The Soup in the theater. I’ll have to check that out later though. I thought I should get to watching the movies that I had planned instead — The Alphabet Killer & Nobel Son. What do these two movies have in common? Nudity from Eliza Dushku. >:) I actually enjoyed The Alphabet Killer itself though.. unlike Nobel Son. Perhaps it had to do with Eliza having a larger role in the former? Nah, I liked all the supernatural-ness of Alphabet Killer. A few scenes reminded me of Tru Calling (“help me”). It was a little tough to believe her as a cop though.. Tomorrow, I (re)begin Dollhouse.

The latter movie ended just five minutes before 6PM, so no time for games. Darn. We had supper (a more-easier-to-make and less-enjoyable one than he had told me earlier :/), then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Johnny English on DVD (lol, well worth the $3 at Big Lots.. wish other stores would have dirt cheap DVDs that didn’t suck.. I rented this on Netflix, then bought it recently.. if you like Austin Powers and/or Steve Martin’s Pink Panther.. and/or Mr Bean, you should probably give this movie a shot 🙂 ), followed by Leverage (“Three Days Of The Hunter Job”.. rofl, favorite episode in a while.. but I probably just think so due to all the conspiracy stuff in this episode :p) and Michael & Michael Have Issues. (haha, dickheads..).

And that was about it. Again. See ya.

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