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PRdude reports that Disney XD in the UK will be airing some new episodes of Power Rangers RPM before they premiere in the US. Here we go again.. Episode 1922: “The Dome Dolls” will premiere in the US on September 5th, but will air in the UK first on September 3rd. And then on September 4th, two more all-new episodes will air in the UK — 1923: “And… Action” & 1924: “Ancient History”. The US premiere dates for these are September 12th & 19th respectively. *hopes for some UK encodes of these.. until the dekabroken awesomeness comes along anyway* :p

TVShowsOnDVD has posted a rather brief and near-useless fact sheet for the September 8th DVD release of Power Rangers RPM, Volume 2 – Race To Corinth. By the 115-minute runtime still being touted, expect only five more episodes of this.. best season in a while. That would include episodes 1906: “Ranger Green”, 1907: “Ranger Red”, 1908: “Ranger Yellow, Part 1”, 1909: “Ranger Yellow, Part 2” and 1910: “Ranger Blue”. I’ll definitely be there on release date to pick up my copy. πŸ™‚ If the sales continue to do well, we may just see the entire season released again…

Lots of timeslot-shifting going on over at the CW4Kids Saturday morning block in September. First, there’s the new episodes of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight on Friday September 4th at 4:30PM ET and Saturday September 5th at 11AM ET. New episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s will be exclusively online at while the original Yu-Gi-Oh takes its place on September 5th. On September 12th, a Kirby movie will take up 90 minutes of the line-up starting at 9AM ET. It will be immediately followed by the first episode of the TMNT Top 10 Countdown leading up to the television premiere of Turtles Forever. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight will also be returning to its 11:30PM ET timeslot on September 12th. And then on September 19th, the regular fall season schedule begins..

PlayStation Home will be updated once again tomorrow, and the US server will be getting over 100 new pieces of content to purchase. Cooool. πŸ™‚ That includes two new personal spaces (damn, may have to wait until I actually have money again to get those) and animated clothes (and glowsticks! :p).. Meanwhile, Europe Home will exclusively host the Buzz! Tomato Challenge in the Events space. Also coming are a few freaky Diesel haircuts (lol, comb over) and a teddy bear I’d actually want in my US space (CAPITALISM!). :p

I awoke in the morning, had some breakfast and.. played s’more Saints Row 2. I’m doing the mission strands way out of order since they were all open (like the entire landmass) at the start of the game (after the prologue). I finished the Samedi strand, got the Samedi fighting style, and added it to my new female game save. She kicks high, jumps onto them, or places her crotch in their face before delivering the pain. lol. Awesome. :p But now I’m afraid Shaundi’s / Eliza Dushku’s part of the game is already over. 😦

I got on the game at about 8AM. Before I knew it, my dad had returned home from dialysis, then went to bed for a nap. And it was 12:30PM. Wow. So I shut off the game and watched Death Note: L Change The WorLd (hm, not as good as the first two movies.. but I still enjoyed it, and it’s still worth owning.. that last scene revelation was odd, haha.. forgot to mention that L was eating some weird crap in the last movie.. there was a huge slab of some dark green taffy-looking stuff.. not to mention what looked like hair gel, all clear and bubbly :p @ how he typed in this one, couldn’t help but laugh every time.. hunt-and-peck, but his hands flew way up in the air before every push.. the actor did a great job in the role, I see why they wanted to do a movie all about him πŸ™‚ ).

After all that game-playing this morning, I didn’t feel like playing it again so soon. So I eventually got onto PlayStation Home for a while, then went to EU PSN and downloaded their WET Demo. I really liked it (..the main character is voiced by Eliza Dushku.. even though the voice doesn’t exactly match the character). I found it odd that performing stunts like sliding and wall-walking made my aim better. I could barely shoot the enemies unless I kept jumping around like that. And as soon as you perform these stunts and begin firing, you go into slow-motion and black-and-white. Ooooh. :p It’s supposed to look like a Grindhouse movie. When you’re low on health, the screen flickers like a film is going to break.. then when you die, it does break. Heh. Check out this trailer.

As it neared 6PM, we had some supper then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched Wipeout (haha.. fell asleep for a bit in the middle), America’s Got Talent (it was alright.. lame seeing the better ones leave though.. especially when judges don’t choose them, grr) and True Blood (everything’s starting to come to a head now.. great episode.. and cliffhanger :p ..two episodes left 😦 ). And that was about it.

See ya.

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