star wars the clone wars s2 date / today

Once I finished up the previous entry, I got the PS3 online for a little while and finally checked out PlayStation Home. I was led to believe that everyone lost their data with the update.. but that was incorrect, so I was worried for days over nothing. Great.. Once I finished up with that, it was almost 3AM already so I chose to stay up.. and I played Saints Row 2 for a little while. Yeah, really liking this game. I’d like to buy the DLC eventually too.. My dad woke up at about 5AM or so and I shut off the game so he could see some news.

I got online for a little bit, then looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday. The Best Buy exclusive metal packaging for Smallville: Season 8 looks awesome.. but now I’m really on the fence about getting the DVD or Blu-ray version of it. Damnit.. I also noticed that Fry’s will have Batman: Arkham Asylum (PS3 & XBOX360) for only $49.99. Wow, $10 off..

I soon took back the TV and my dad went off to bed.. I watched two episodes of Bleach (eh, good episodes) and the last two episodes of Caitlin’s Way (nah, just VHSed while online again.. soo happy I finally finished these). I then.. played some more Saints Row 2. I mainly did a lot of activities including Hitman, as well as finally visiting the Nuclear Plant island. There was even a water tunnel underneath it. Really liked the Ultor Nuclear Security cars. Wish I could get a few of those in my garage (already filled with 234534563456 cars). Damn. :/

My dad woke up, saw the video game.. then eventually went back to bed.. I finally watched two more episodes of TMNT 1987 Season 6 (heh, not bad..).. then my dad woke up again during that. I finally gave the TV back over to him to watch his sports stuff as I got online again. But I eventually returned to the living room, intent on actually writing something.. but I fell asleep for a little while instead.

I awoke during Funniest Videos (haha), we had some supper out of whatever we could find.. then watched The Haunting In Connecticut: Unrated (wow, pretty good movie.. plus yum @ Amanda Crew in the shower.. my dad had a hard time understanding it though methinks), Bill Engvall Show (haha) and Patton Oswalt: My Weakness Is Strong (again, my dad just doesn’t get it.. and he wanted to make me aware of his stupid ignorance by making some snarky comments.. my dad just doesn’t get his comedy, and I do.. a lot). My dad went to bed early near the end of it, then I returned to my room as well.


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