Saturday 08.22.2009 — krdk 21 & 22 date.. update

We’ve now confirmed that episode 21 of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight — “Strike’s Ultimatum” — will premiere on Friday, September 4th at 4:30PM ET and that episode 22: “A Rider’s Resolve” will then premiere the very next morning during the CW4Kids block. Coool. 🙂

I awoke a bit early in the morning, then got online and finished the previous entry. Ewps. I was just feeling way too sleepy to finish those links last night. We soon had some breakfast, then I watched two episodes of The Assistants (very good show) and the first two episodes of Ninja Turtles 1987 Season 6 (mainly just filler until Monday, when I watch the Death Note live-action movie trilogy.. most likely the dubs.. though I liked the first episode — I usually do enjoy the Technodrome moving episodes more — but fell asleep near the end of the second one.. damn).

After a short wait where I struggled to keep myself awake, I watched the new Kamen Rider Dragon Knightepisode 119: “Semper Fi”. Very good episode this week. But where’s Kamen Rider Siren already? *cough*sausagefest*cough* :p ..My dad went on an errand, then returned and soon went to bed for a nap. He appears to be getting that weak feeling more often than on dialysis days. 😦

I got online for a little while, then soon watched the new Power Rangers RPMepisode 1921: “Not So Simple”. Another really good episode this week, definitely better than last week. Flynn and Gemma end up working together on a new weapon that eventually becomes the Road Attack Zord. The diary voiceover stuff was pretty original for PR, though the new wheelzord looked somewhat familiar.. since there was a wheelzord before. :p It was also interesting seeing Gem’s non-vocal reactions to his sister spending time with someone besides him. We didn’t exactly get that in reverse with last week’s Gem-and-Scott episode. The sound effects “vroom” as the Rangers show up to fight and the idea to have the hammer bot make hammer sounds rather than talk were pretty cool. But what was with the 80s music during the montage? lol, taaake oon meee..

Once that ended, I quietly got online for a little while.. and then I returned to the living room and took over the TV with Saints Row 2. More activities, more missions.. flew a helicopter up to the real floor in the Ultor building and blew everything and everyone up. :p That was a bit more tougher mission to complete this time.. just because it asked to do more than just shoot everything like the missions that came before it. :p I had to storm this club many times.. causing my newly-awakened dad to get a headache with all the gunfire.. I wonder if I should delete and re-install the PS3 game data for this game? I first installed it when I barely had enough space to do so, and I can’t buy or preview some of the items in the stores..? Hmm..

We eventually had supper and I turned off the PS3, then got back online while he watched.. stuff.. But I eventually got bored of that and returned to the living room.. and then fell asleep for a few hours. I awoke not long after 9PM.. and thought it was early the next morning at first. :p Nonetheless, I thought the maintenance guy’s late night lawn mowing that woke me up was probably also annoying someone else right about now. I got back online.. and that was pretty much it for the night..?

See ya.

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