noooo news *spring sound effect* / today

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I awoke very early in the morning again (probably due to my father yet again) and got online for a while. My dad left for dialysis, then I soon got onto the PS3 and played Saints Row 2. Until 2PM. I mainly did some missions, pissed off some gangs, finished the chop shop activity.. and found the sorta-hidden lingerie shop in the hidden mall. Hee hee hee. I immediately switched over to my female avatar save for a bit and dressed her up in a g-string and some pasties. Yeeesss… I’m such a perv. -_- But what’s kinda funny is that you can use women’s clothes on men and vice versa (though the catgirl suit on my guy avatar is a bit disturbing). Haha.

My dad eventually returned home from dialysis, then went to bed for a nap. So it eventually reached around 2PM and I watched the final three episodes of Dexter: Season 3 (wow, great episodes.. now I must wait a whole year for Season 4 on DVD.. >_> ), followed by Warehouse 13 (eh, it was pretty good). Then I got online to news-gather.. and soon had supper..

In primetime, we watched 17 Again. I think I came into it with low expectations.. because I actually enjoyed it. It was a pretty good movie. May consider purchasing it.. if I ever see the Blu for $10 or under. :p Eh, maybe $15.. I also watched The Soup (lol, especially octomom, the web clip and that Kardashian scene :p) and Reality Hell (the prank show where people think they’re in a reality show.. haha.. wonder how long this’ll last.. because I somewhat liked it..).

And that’s about it. Bye bye.

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[ ‘Hot’ Needles To Be Used Swine Flu Jabs – WHY? ]
[ A-H1N1 Fever Failure Fuels School Cluster Explosions ]
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[ The Obstacles To Real Health Care Reform ]
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[ Typhus & Allied-Caused Starvation… Not Gas Chambers ]
[ Mexico Legalizes Small-Scale Drug Possession ]
[ DNA Evidenced Can Easily Be Faked, Planted At Crimes ]
[ Mercury Found In ALL Fish In 300 US Streams ]
[ Artificial Life Said Only Months Away ]


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