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IMTIRED has discovered that a casting call has gone out for a Power Rangers promo. They’re looking for three actors to play a family involved in some sort of movie-making contest. Interesting…

Episode 21 of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight — “Strike’s Ultimatum” — has been scheduled to run at a different time than usual. Way different. We’re talking Friday September 4th at 4:30PM ET. Wow. This is apparently where the CW4Kids Fall Preview Special aired last year. So make sure you mark those calendars.. I wonder what would be airing the next morning, then? :/

Paramount Home Entertainment has issued a press release for the October 20th DVD & Blu-ray releases of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The two-disc DVD and Blu-ray editions will both features a lot of special features, and the Blu-ray will add a few more.. including a set-top game that “reveals a top secret message about the future of the TRANSFORMERS movie franchise”. Just check out the link for the whole rundown. Hope there’s at least a slipcover over that Blu art, or perhaps store-exclusive art. It just looks a bit too bland to me. :/

That Apple Movie Trailers site now has the teaser trailer for Avatar online. The movie looks rather impressive if I do say so myself. Looking forward to it.. but probably on Blu-ray next summer or something. :/

I awoke in the morning and got online for a bit, but then went back to sleep. I awoke again a few hours later and saw some morning TV before heading out to the grocery store. We both some some things, then returned home. I got online while my dad caught some news, then I returned and watched three more episodes of Dexter: Season 3 (awesome episodes.. only three more to go 😦 tempted to watch the show as it airs this time, damnit).

The mail arrived and I got a rather big surprise. I received another package of DVDs including iCarly: Season 2 Vol 1, Naked Brothers Band Movie, the Power Rangers Time Force: The Complete Season in Deutch and a poster. Thanks soooo much again! There’s some good iCarly episodes here, including three episodes (or four, with the movie as a two-parter) I haven’t even seen yet. Don’t know how much help Time Force will be to me in German, but I’ll definitely plug in my all-region player and check it out nonetheless. 🙂

Next, I got on Saints Row 2 for a couple more hours, mainly looking for cars, listening to the radio stations.. and perhaps a mission too. :p It’s so much fun, most likely more than GTA IV. The garage is accessible from any “crib” and appears to be an infinitely-sized pocket dimension or something. I think I have 20 or so cars stored in it. lol. There’s separate “garages” for sea and air vehicles though and I have a few more of them in each. When you buy clothes in the stores, you can choose between styles and colors for that item. I don’t think I like that long flasher coat in the basic brown (yes, it’s used for flashing in the game). I better go buy it again in black or something.. if I can remember where I got it. :p

Even though he said something about letting me stay on until 7PM due to his takeover of the TV tonight, he got me to shut it off not long after 6PM. Ugh. I got online to news-gather.. then mainly stayed online all night and bored. I could have went to the PS2 and played a game or watch something on the bedroom DVR.. but nope. Wasted time instead. :/

Ah well. See ya.

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“It is a plan that is brilliant, malevolently brilliant, but genius all the same. Globalization married with the Green Revolution created the resulting destruction of ancient, sustainable, farming practices. Globalization has also removed people from the land and forced them into the city. A perfect trap for The Culling. Once they remove cheap oil from the transaction, the entire apparatus will crumble. And it will be a spectacular failure. An All-Fall-Down that takes everything, or almost everything, with it.” — The Culling – The Plan For Upcoming Mass Depopulation


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