ps home v1.3 update / today

PlayStation Blog now reveals what’s to come on PlayStation Home. In September, v1.3 of the app will be released with many improvements and additions. This includes universal game launching (for all PS3 games), 3D mall previews (no more tiny images.. you can now check out the clothes on your avatar), the ability to “rent” certain items (..wha?), the ability to ignore portable items (bubble machines disappear’ded!), new portable items (free camera for 1st or 3rd person pics to XMB! hooray!), new emotes (including games and camera posing).. and even a couple new categories for your clothing items (outfits!). This is all great. Can’t wait to try it out, especially the camera. 🙂

I awoke and finished the previous entry, then realized why I was so hot last night. The computer was overheating because the fan appears to be all clogged up with dust or whatever. Ugh. I hate dealing with hardware problems.. So I just off the computer and eventually fell back to sleep.. I awoke a few hours later and got into Saints Row 2 right away. I mainly stayed on my main game save, completed an activity or two. Ooh, special cars from completing the Chop Shop activity. lol @ the Ho’ing diversion, where you move around the two sticks while.. trying to please a woman.. while you stare at the door outside. :/ If you succeed “good job hot stuff”, if not “you should be ashamed of yourself”. Got to level 9 before it began getting difficult.

I barely paid attention really as my dad returned home from dialysis, had something to eat, then went to bed for a nap.. I finally shut off the game at about 1:30PM or so. I had been on it since 8:30AM or so. >_> ..So I went ahead and watched three more episodes of Dexter: Season 3 (awesome episodes, though it doesn’t yet feel like a movie like the first two seasons did.. still great though). Those got done rather close to 4PM and I had other things to do, so I let my dad watched his news early and I got online to news-gather. We eventually had supper.

In primetime, we watched True Blood (really wish I could fit this in earlier, but I really want to see them at night.. another very good episode, wow @ that ending.. but three episodes left? until Summer 2010? 😦 ), America’s Got Talent (I tell you, they wait until the votes are in and taped this last night two hours after the 2-hour show.. all the acts still have their same outfits and make-up on.. wonder what the audience does for two hours..), Sons of Tuscon (the first episode, from the future! ..haha, not that bad a show so far..) and tonight’s new Michael & Michael Have Issues (rofl, definitely the best episode so far.. sooooo funny, and that “fork” skit that I’m surprised got past censors! *British accent* “Would you like a fahk?” :p).

And that was about it again. See ya!

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