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Get Smart: Season 4 is still on track for retail release on October 6th, but now HBO Video has announced that the final season Get Smart: Season 5 will be released on December 8th. Nice. I’ve been enjoying these seasons. 🙂 Check out that Season 5 cover art though. Looks like Maxwell had just found out that his series was canceled. :p

So PlayStation has found another way to charge us — avatars. A lot of PS3 users have been asking for new avatars.. and now you have to buy them on the PS Store? :/ The premium themes that you also must pay for are pretty lame IMO.. but the dynamic themes coming soon.. may just be worth my money. Maybe. I mean, they’re animated. Check out all the other updates to be made to PS3 on September 1st in the new 3.00 firmware update. Oh, and there’s also a huge-hard-drive’d slim PS3 coming for just $299. Damnit.. That’s probably why they’re desperate to get rid of the Nyko Media Hubs like the one I bought today. Best Buy had them on “clearance” for $4 cheaper.. I’m also a bit excited for the inclusion of water to LittleBigPlanet. I hope that DLC is free though, like that last Creator Pack..

Oh, and there was also quite a few things announced for PlayStation Home, including new character customization options, new character animations and dance moves. It’s said avatars will be able to throw a ball, drink.. a shrinking potion.. and carry a camera around everywhere (yay!). Upcoming spaces include ones for SingStar (interactive dance floor?! sign me up!) and Audi. Especially looking forward to the camera. Hope it can save pictures of my avatar to the XMB though..

I awoke in the morning.. to my dad’s underwear in close proximity to my face. Ack. So I had to jump up and run out of there. I had fallen asleep in the living room again and my dad was getting rather worried about the air conditioner acting up again.. which just happened to be over my head in the window. Underwear was all that he was wearing. -_- ..So I got online and finished up the previous entry, then went to sleep for a few more hours.

My dad awoke me a few hours later saying it was about time to go. We saw a little morning TV, but then I got ready and headed out to media buy once again…

My first stop was.. Big Lots. I had heard about some very good DVD deals there. But I guess I was too late. They had found out someone was supplying the chain with copies of Warner titles that were meant to be destroyed rather than sold and someone got in trouble. I’m talking a whole season of Smallville — on Blu-ray — for just $6. Crazy. I did find Johnny English on DVD for three bucks and I also got another USB drive (4GB for $12, cool). I also eyed a $15 webcam. Hmmm.. Nah. Wouldn’t want to torture people with my ugly mug..

Next was Best Buy, where I checked out Dexter: Season 3. Their exclusive packaging consisted of a plastic slipcover that was red all the way around except for the title logo in the front. That’s it. Ew. I had forgotten all about Code Geass R2 Part 1 coming out this week and was surprised to see it on the shelf. The separate volumes are nowhere to be found (probably canceled). Part 1 is in a single two-disc DVD case with no slipcover. The Limited Edition is only slipcovered with a manga. I was also surprised to see Death Note L Change The WorLd out on the shelf a whole week early. 🙂 Since it was on sale, I got a Nyko Media Hub for my PS3 (it adds two more USB ports and a card reader).

I got my usual icee (yummay), then headed over to Target next. There, I bought Dexter Season 3 with Target Exclusive Bonus DVD that features a 60min “Cast & Crew Q&A at Comic-Con 2008”. It’s comes in an envelope inside the packaging.. I then ordered a pizza from Pizza Hut for lunch (I haven’t had their pizza in so long.. it’s no longer greasy anymore… damnit 😡 ) and returned home.

After I got everything situated.. and inventoried the new discs.. I watched the first three episodes of Dexter: Season 3 (in between my dad screwing with the air conditioner so that I had to pause and leave the room.. I enjoyed these episodes, very good start 🙂 ..I like waiting until they’re on disc since the previous seasons seemed like one long awesome movie when done this way :p). I then played Saints Row 2 up until about 6PM (Chop Shop mainly.. and I just found out that by selecting a car from the lists in the menu, you can find the cars a lot easier, they pop up in the minimap 🙂 ).

We had some supper, then I got online to news-gather.. In primetime, we watched 10 Things I Hate About You (lol, very good episode this week.. a bit better than usual), Ruby & The Rockits (haha, a little better here too I must admit).. followed by two more hours of America’s Got Talent (a lot of good ones this week.. unlike last week.. so those two hours almost seemed to fly by). And that was about it? See ya. *runs off*

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