Sunday 08.16.2009 —

I awoke in the morning and immediately looked through the newspaper’s ads for Tuesday (looks like just Target for me this week.. don’t know if I want to try out Target’s new price-matching policy for two measly bucks though, the cashier may not know about it and then it’ll take forever), then watched two episodes of Bleach (rather good episodes, especially the first one..), Bill Engvall Show (missed and forgot about it for one or two weeks.. *shrug*) and Dark Blue (only up to episode 3.. very good episode though).

Next, I played Saints Row 2 for a few hours (found the septic truck, rofl.. with it, you can literally spray shit on people.. it’s crazy! at first, I was all “is that black top? hmm, don’t think it is” lol.. I also earned quite a bit of respect out of the Fight Club, got up to level 5.. where you’re up against five opponents, ack.. should work on Escort next now that I’ve found out about the Car Delivery reward at level 6), then got online again as my dad’s NASCAR started. And then he fell asleep almost right away. :/

So I was online for a bit, then I watched the last two episodes of 90210 (finally, right? ack @ the cliffhanger endingses.. and I didn’t think he was right for her all season anyway, so I was all “woohoo”). Next, I returned to the living room.. and eventually fell asleep. My dad woke me up for some supper, then we watched some Funniest Videos. I followed that with Eagle Eye on Blu-ray. I was enjoying it all over again, but my dad lost interest in this second viewing and opted to distractingly walk around. Ugh. 😐

I watched Defying Gravity next and my dad finally gave up and went to bed. It is a rather boring show, but that little that does happen keeps me interested just enough. Damnit.. And after that, I played Saints Row 2 for a few more hours (*gets very angry at the Escort missions, grr* ..the caves were pretty cool though, even though I got lost in them for a bit.. damn this game has everything :p).

That’s it. See ya.

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